3rd and Final Teaser for Arriani (This is the final battle scene in the book) Enjoy

When I was sure he was asleep, I got up and put my armor on. When I got out of the tent it was almost dawn so I had to hurry before someone got up and saw me, just in case I got into the tree tops and travelled that way until I was sure they couldn’t see me. The journey to the castle was going to be a lonely one, but it was probably better this way.

I didn’t travel at night; I camped in the trees, just because of how close I was to the castle. The army was probably gaining on me because of it, but they won’t see me until Riordian is dead. The night before I got to the castle I heard Tamlen and Zeveran talking off in the distance but I couldn’t make out what they were saying and I didn’t hear the rest of the army either. I kept moving that night just because I knew what they’d say if they caught me.

I got in place on top of the castle, before noon and waited; there were only a couple varashoth I had to kill to get on top of the castle and from up there I could see the army coming. I waited for a while longer; when they got to the front gate of the castle I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was.

“Tamlen what are you doing here?” I asked.

“I thought we were infiltrating the castle.” He said then pointed down to Zeveran who was at the servants’ entrance off to the side. “He loves you; I hope you know that before it’s too late.”

“I know.” I answered. “And …I love him too.”

“He is a good guy, whether anyone knows that or not, you need to tell him how you feel, you know he freaked when he woke up and you were gone, he was going to come after you by himself. He was so mad that he didn’t hear you, or just know that you were leaving still.” He said.

“Does he not realize that no one can hear me if I don’t want them too?” I asked.

“It took even me, longer to get used to that fact, but even so, you are that guy’s world.” He answered.

“Who’s leading the army?” I asked, changing the subject back to the war.

“Temkin and the Dwarven King are.” He answered. “Come on we have an imposter king you get to kill.”

We saw the varashoth come out and it looked like there was more than there was before. Tamlen and I hopped down through the entrance. When we landed I grabbed my two daggers and Tamlen grabbed his sword, not making a sound the entire time. We were in the castle’s dining room. We walked down the hallway and took a right at the end of it to get to the throne room as quickly and quietly as possible.

Sure enough Riordian and the varashoth leader were there.   Zeveran wasn’t there yet and he didn’t know his way around the castle like Tamlen and I did. Riordian grabbed his sword and got off the throne. I charged after him and dodged a swing of his sword and came up and kneed him in the stomach. When he grabbed at his stomach I hit him in the back of his neck with the handle of one of my daggers. He fell completely to the floor. I put my knives back quickly and grabbed my sword.

I drew my sword and swung it at him but he blocked it with his sword. He pushed back so hard that I lost my footing and my sword went flying out of my hand and the blade of Riordian’s sword slid down and gashed my hand open.

Riordian got up and drew his sword back to swing it at me but an arrow came flying right by my ear and pinned his arm to the wall, the arrow came so close to me I would usually think it was meant to hit me when it came that close. He grabbed his sword with his other hand but as soon as he drew it back another arrow came flying by my other ear, just as close as the last one and pinned that arm too. I looked behind me and saw that it was Zeveran.

Riordian was struggling to get loose; the arrows broke before I could get to my sword and Riordian came charging after me with his sword drawn back and ready to swing. Just when he got right to me another arrow went flying right above my head and knocked the sword out of his hand. I grabbed one of the throwing knives out of my boot and threw it at him. It hit him in the chest but it didn’t go in deep enough to kill him.

I drew one of my daggers and walked up to him. I kicked the knife that was already in his chest which caused him to groan and then fall to the ground. I grabbed a hold of his hair and pulled his head back so he would look into my eyes just like he did my mother. Then I took my dagger and carved it into his throat. I let go of him and he fell to the ground motionless with blood spurting out of him.

“Well I feel bad for the person that has to clean this place.” Zeveran said walking over to me.

“Yeah but it will be someone that is paid to do it, not forced.” I answered.

“We got to get out to the battle now.” Tamlen said.

I ran and grabbed my sword and put it back in its sheath along with the dagger and the throwing knife, I took Riordian’s sword also, putting it in the same sheath as mine. We all ran to the dining room and climbed back up through the entrance. We got back on the roof and saw that we were doing really well in the battle; half the varashoth were already dead when we got back on the roof.

“What do we do now?” Tamlen asked as soon as we got to edge of the roof.

I took a couple of steps back and went running towards the edge of the roof. I dove off and did a back flip and landed on my feet. I ran behind the varashoth with both swords drawn cutting through them as I went by. I skidded to a stop at the end of the row of varashoth and went back through the other way. I didn’t really think my hand was bleeding badly until one of the largest varashoth grabbed me by my arm and held me up about six feet off the ground and blood came gushing down my arm.

The varashoth that had me up off the ground got ready to stab me in the gut but as soon as he did he fell to his knees and released his grip on me, causing me to fall to my knees, right before he fell to the ground completely. I stood up and saw Tamlen standing right behind him.

A varashoth came running up behind him swinging his sword horizontally. I signaled for Tamlen to duck just in time and when the varashoth was done swinging his sword I ran at Tamlen and did a flip over his back, cutting down the varashoth before my feet even hit the ground.  Tamlen and I fought the varashoth off back to back, since we were in the middle of everything.  It only lasted an hour or two but we were both drenched in sweat and had no idea where Zeveran was at this point. Tamlen and I were covered in blood from all the varashoth we killed. They almost seemed endless until we both looked up and realized that there were no more left in sight.

We thought the battle was over but a varashoth came out of the trees behind me and stabbed me in arm. Zeveran shot him with his arrows and then came running over to me and Tamlen.

“Are you ok?” Zeveran asked pulling the knife out of my arm.

“I am fine.” I answered wincing in pain a little.

“Are you sure you’re bleeding a lot?” Tamlen asked.

“I am fine; we have other soldiers to tend to.” I stated looking around at all the injured soldiers.

Tamlen walked away from me and Zeveran looking back to make sure I knew why he left. Zeveran and I just stood there for a second or two just looking at each other. He bandaged up my arm and hand and I saw Tamlen looking over here from a distance.


Book reviews

Why is it so hard to find someone to write a book review for my book? I now I am not a known author but you have to get known some how. I am willing to Email the book for free to who ever is willing too review it for me.

Second Teaser for Arriani

We woke up at dawn as usual, we packed up our beds and I untied Zeveran from the tree he was tied to. I made sure that the campfire was completely out and went to throw one of the backpacks over my shoulder, but as soon as I tried Zeveran grabbed it out of my hand and threw it over his shoulder instead.

“What are you doing?” I demanded.

“I am carrying your bag for you.” He answered.

“Why?” I asked.

“The human lady isn’t carrying a bag, why should the attractive elven lady carry one?” He returned.

“Yeah, but you’re tied up.” I answered.

“Even so I am still a gentleman, even though I tried to kill you.” He said

I shrugged my shoulders and we began walking.  We walked in silence most the time with Tamlen looking back at Zeveran every few minutes. Zeveran stayed next to me the whole time but I did have the rope he was tied up with and all of his weapons were strapped to me also, which seemed to be okay with him for the most part. We found another clearing to make camp in as soon the sun was starting to set. Tamlen and Isabella went to go get the firewood for the night, which was odd since it was usually me doing it; I tied Zeveran to another tree smiling at him.

“My lady, I need to tell you something, but you might be a bit upset at me.” Zeveran said as soon as Tamlen and Isabella were far out of sight.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Umm… Well… you won’t be mad…” Zeveran began.

“You might want to say it before Tamlen gets back because he will skin you.” I said abruptly.

“Well the king didn’t have much trust in me and my assassins; he might have sent knights after you too. He said he couldn’t take any chances, but it was still undecided when I left.” He said with a regret filled look on his face. “I am so sorry…”

“Arriani, grab him!” Isabella screamed as we heard wood hitting the ground.

“Tamlen!” I said grabbing his hand that he had his sword in and ready to swing it at Zeveran. “Calm Down!”

“This assassin is going to get us killed.” He said trying to get his arm free.

“He probably just saved us.” I stated as I threw Tamlens arm down, he grunted and just walked away, throwing his sword down by his sleeping bag.

“Why do you save me when you know I was wrong?” Zeveran asked as Isabella ran over to calm down Tamlen.

“I don’t know yet.” I answered rolling out my sleeping bag.

I lied down and we decided not to make a campfire, for a while anyways for safety. That night was quiet, but even so I could hardly sleep. We got up at dawn again and left. Once again we walked in silence, but this time it was really awkward.  Tamlen walked ahead of all of us, including Isabella, so we all knew he was really pissed. He stopped in a really small clearing right after the sun went down. I tied Zeveran up to another tree and walked away before he could say anything and went over to Tamlen.

“Look Tamlen, we might need the assassin in the long run. He could be useful to us.” I said trying to make him understand.

“I know that,” He answered. “But is a bunch of maybes worth risking all of our lives? Is it worth it that instead of creeping up on us he’s in the camp with us so he can kill us whenever he gets the ropes off? I know you’re sick of death so am I but is it worth risking us dying? ”

“No, but you know as well as any of us that my judgment is rarely wrong, and he still warned us before anything happened, he didn’t have to tell us at all and we would have never of known that he knew anything about it.” I replied calmly. “And you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t pass up killing someone if you were the one that has been doing your entire life.”

“Yeah, I guess.” He said turning away from me before I could even say anything else to him.

“Whatever.” I said under my breath, rolling my eyes as I walked back over to my sleeping bag.

“He’s still angry at you?” Zeveran asked.

“Very,” I answered. “But he knows I’m right.”

“Although, you don’t seem to be mad at me at all.” He stated.

“What makes you think that?” I asked, looking at him.

“The ropes are looser than they were before, almost two feet looser, and your bed is a little closer, so I assume the whole thing made you trust me a little more, instead of making you angry at me.” He pointed out.

“You didn’t have to tell us at all.” I said trying to justify why I did it, not only to him, but myself also.

“As pretty as you are you still aren’t so sure about yourself, are you?” He asked looking into my eyes.

“I’m as sure as I need to be.” I answered turning away from him.

I lied down and just closed my eyes because I didn’t want to carry on that conversation with anyone right now. I tossed and turned for hours before I finally started to dose off but as soon as I did I felt a searing pain in my shoulder blade. I opened my eyes and screamed out in pain as another arrow hit me in my thigh. I got up and ran over to Zeveran and cut him loose.

Thinking back

I am just recently a published author. I got my first book published on December 12 of 2011. I have been through hardships since then and there is one piece of advice I can give Always follow your dreams because you might end up right where you want to be!!!

It was a dark and rainy day. I had been alone all day and was extremely tired from all the work I had done around my twostory house. The rain drops sounded like someone throwing rocks at my window and I couldnt sleep even though I was about ready to fall to the ground. Then suddenly there was a knock at my door. I jumped from it because no one had told me that they were going to come over and normally people do. I got up and put a bath robe on because I wasnt dressed approprietly for company. When I answered the door I was shocked to see that it was Ethan (whom I have had alot of feelings for lately). I let him in because He was soaking wet. 

It was a dark a…