Second Teaser for Arriani

We woke up at dawn as usual, we packed up our beds and I untied Zeveran from the tree he was tied to. I made sure that the campfire was completely out and went to throw one of the backpacks over my shoulder, but as soon as I tried Zeveran grabbed it out of my hand and threw it over his shoulder instead.

“What are you doing?” I demanded.

“I am carrying your bag for you.” He answered.

“Why?” I asked.

“The human lady isn’t carrying a bag, why should the attractive elven lady carry one?” He returned.

“Yeah, but you’re tied up.” I answered.

“Even so I am still a gentleman, even though I tried to kill you.” He said

I shrugged my shoulders and we began walking.  We walked in silence most the time with Tamlen looking back at Zeveran every few minutes. Zeveran stayed next to me the whole time but I did have the rope he was tied up with and all of his weapons were strapped to me also, which seemed to be okay with him for the most part. We found another clearing to make camp in as soon the sun was starting to set. Tamlen and Isabella went to go get the firewood for the night, which was odd since it was usually me doing it; I tied Zeveran to another tree smiling at him.

“My lady, I need to tell you something, but you might be a bit upset at me.” Zeveran said as soon as Tamlen and Isabella were far out of sight.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Umm… Well… you won’t be mad…” Zeveran began.

“You might want to say it before Tamlen gets back because he will skin you.” I said abruptly.

“Well the king didn’t have much trust in me and my assassins; he might have sent knights after you too. He said he couldn’t take any chances, but it was still undecided when I left.” He said with a regret filled look on his face. “I am so sorry…”

“Arriani, grab him!” Isabella screamed as we heard wood hitting the ground.

“Tamlen!” I said grabbing his hand that he had his sword in and ready to swing it at Zeveran. “Calm Down!”

“This assassin is going to get us killed.” He said trying to get his arm free.

“He probably just saved us.” I stated as I threw Tamlens arm down, he grunted and just walked away, throwing his sword down by his sleeping bag.

“Why do you save me when you know I was wrong?” Zeveran asked as Isabella ran over to calm down Tamlen.

“I don’t know yet.” I answered rolling out my sleeping bag.

I lied down and we decided not to make a campfire, for a while anyways for safety. That night was quiet, but even so I could hardly sleep. We got up at dawn again and left. Once again we walked in silence, but this time it was really awkward.  Tamlen walked ahead of all of us, including Isabella, so we all knew he was really pissed. He stopped in a really small clearing right after the sun went down. I tied Zeveran up to another tree and walked away before he could say anything and went over to Tamlen.

“Look Tamlen, we might need the assassin in the long run. He could be useful to us.” I said trying to make him understand.

“I know that,” He answered. “But is a bunch of maybes worth risking all of our lives? Is it worth it that instead of creeping up on us he’s in the camp with us so he can kill us whenever he gets the ropes off? I know you’re sick of death so am I but is it worth risking us dying? ”

“No, but you know as well as any of us that my judgment is rarely wrong, and he still warned us before anything happened, he didn’t have to tell us at all and we would have never of known that he knew anything about it.” I replied calmly. “And you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t pass up killing someone if you were the one that has been doing your entire life.”

“Yeah, I guess.” He said turning away from me before I could even say anything else to him.

“Whatever.” I said under my breath, rolling my eyes as I walked back over to my sleeping bag.

“He’s still angry at you?” Zeveran asked.

“Very,” I answered. “But he knows I’m right.”

“Although, you don’t seem to be mad at me at all.” He stated.

“What makes you think that?” I asked, looking at him.

“The ropes are looser than they were before, almost two feet looser, and your bed is a little closer, so I assume the whole thing made you trust me a little more, instead of making you angry at me.” He pointed out.

“You didn’t have to tell us at all.” I said trying to justify why I did it, not only to him, but myself also.

“As pretty as you are you still aren’t so sure about yourself, are you?” He asked looking into my eyes.

“I’m as sure as I need to be.” I answered turning away from him.

I lied down and just closed my eyes because I didn’t want to carry on that conversation with anyone right now. I tossed and turned for hours before I finally started to dose off but as soon as I did I felt a searing pain in my shoulder blade. I opened my eyes and screamed out in pain as another arrow hit me in my thigh. I got up and ran over to Zeveran and cut him loose.


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