Lyali (6th Teaser)

We got on the horses and left. Dante was leading the horse this time so I just leant against him, held on tightly, and started to doze off. I couldn’t believe how tired I was, but what can you expect with no sleep. I was trying not to sleep too long I just wanted to rest but before I knew it Dante was getting ready to climb off the horse. He climbed off and helped me down. He was probably the sweetest guy I knew.

We got the tents set up then I went to go get firewood for the night. Dante of course followed me, when he caught up to me he grabbed my hand and made me turn to face him.

“Hey gorgeous,” He said brushing a strand of hair out of my face. “What’s the rush?”

“I don’t know; you’re the one that was running.” I answered smiling.

He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me close to him. He started kissing me again. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist.  He put me up against a tree and started kissing me on the neck. We both heard a noise so he put me down and we started collecting the firewood quickly. We went back to camp and started the fire; Dustin and Sera Leah were cuddling by the fire pit, which honestly kind of bothered me because of everything that went on with Andrew, and now what’s going on with Dante.

“What took so long?” Dustin asked, smiling.

“Just getting the firewood.” I answered quickly fully knowing that he would make it awkward considering Dante and I weren’t anything yet.

I went and laid in my tent because I didn’t want to hear what else he had to say or watch him and Sera Leah make out anymore.  Dante came in the tent after about an hour or so. He sat down next to me. I sat up to kiss him but he turned his head.

“Lyali, are we together?” He asked.

“No.” I answered quickly, shocked at the question.

“Then… I don’t think I can do this anymore.” He replied.

“What… Dante…” I tried, as tears started streaming out of my eyes. “Why?”

“Because, I want to be with you and you’re taking something out on me that has nothing to do with me.” He said, not looking at me at all.

“Dustin told you, didn’t he?” I asked angrily.

“Not really, he told me a little, and he told me you were still upset over all of it.” He said. “But why won’t you tell me?”

“My ex cheated on me, it’s not that big of a deal.” I answered, storming out of the tent.

“Lyali…” Dustin said trying to stop me.

“Leave me alone.” I said running away from him as he tried to grab for my arm.

“Lyali, come back, you can’t go out there alone.” He yelled at me as I got to the end of the clearing.

“Like you’ve cared any about me since we found her!” I yelled back and continued going.

I ran far into the woods until I collapsed, crying harder than I ever did before. I couldn’t believe Dustin told him anything. I was so angry at them both. I lied there face into the dirt just crying my eyes out. I felt betrayed.  I looked up to wipe the tears and I saw a creature circling me.

The creature was fast, so fast I couldn’t even make out what it was but it kept getting closer and closer. It got me pinned up against a tree. It looked like a shadow of a bear but only worst. It opened its mouth and bit towards my face but I blocked it with my arm. It took out a huge piece of my arm and I yelled out in pain. I tried to get away from it but it grabbed a hold of my inner thigh and pulled me back, taking another chunk out. I screamed out in pain again.

“Lyali!” I heard as I saw Dante’s figure coming towards me.

“Dante…” I said in a weak voice when he came and picked me up.

The last thing I remember was seeing a tear fall down from his cheek and that was it. I woke up screaming in an unfamiliar tent. Dustin came running in and had almost a look of relief on his face.

“You’re awake this time.” He stated sitting on the edge of the bed.


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Lyali (5th Teaser)

He went to kiss me again but then he saw Dustin and Sera Leah walking into the cave. He swam toward the edge and grabbed his shirt. He motioned for me so I swam over there too. He handed me his shirt so I climbed out of the water and put it on over my tank top.

“What are we doing?” Dustin asked. “It’s getting late.”

“We could just stay here for the night.” Dante said, looking right at me and climbing out of the water.

“Then let’s put the tents up.” Dustin said walking over to the bags.

I walked over to the bags also and pulled out the other tent and started putting it up. Dante came right over and started helping. We got the tents up and then everyone started talking so I went outside of the cave to find some firewood. I picked up the last few pieces of wood that we would need for the night and I turned around to walk back to the cave but Dante was right there. It scared me so I dropped all the firewood.

“You scared me.” I stated as I bent down to pick up the firewood.

“Sorry.” He said bending down to help me.

“What are you doing out here.” I said as we got it all picked up and stood back up.

“Dustin doesn’t want any of us alone right now, he sent me out here as soon as we realized you were gone.” He said smiling.

“So what, it’s going to be two to a tent then?” I asked as we started walking back towards the cave.

“Yes, but it’s not that bad.” He said looking at me and smiling. “We’ll be in a tent together.”

I just looked at him and smiled. We walked back to the cave together and started a fire. Dustin and Sera Leah were already inside their tent of course. We just went inside our tent after the fire was started. I lied down on my sleeping bag and Dante lied down on his. I had totally forgotten that I was wearing his shirt until now. I sat up and took off his shirt and tossed it to him since my shirt was almost dry.

“Thank you.” I said as he just set the shirt off to the side of his sleeping bag.

“You’re welcome.” He answered smiling at me still.

He didn’t say anything else he just laid there for a second. He seemed deep in thought; he was just looking down at the ground. He was like that for a few minutes, then I put my hand on his and he snapped out of it.

“Are you ok?” I asked, him rubbing my thumb across the top of his hand.

“Yeah, I was just thinking about stuff.” He answered grabbing my hand by the fingertips and bringing my hand to his lips and kissing it.

I smiled and blushed a little when he did it. He smiled back at me and giggled, I assumed because I blushed. He held on to my hand for a while longer just looking into my eyes. It was strange but it didn’t bother me until his smile faded.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Nothing really just thinking about the day we met.” He answered, forcing a smile.

“Why’d you seem so upset just barely?” I asked.

“Well, I remembered the first day we met, you were crying.” He stated. “Why were you crying?”

“It’s a long story. I don’t really want to talk about it right now.” I answered.

“Well we better get some sleep.” He said rolling over on the sleeping bag.

I couldn’t believe he brought that up and it did still upset me. I didn’t try talking to him after that I just rolled over also and lied down. I didn’t sleep much though unfortunately. When I finally started to fall asleep the boys were waking up.  So instead of actually sleeping I just got up and helped pack everything.

Lyali (Fourth Teaser ) :) enjoy

“Wow, you’re just as gorgeous with two swords in your hands as you were that night I met you.”

“How long have you been watching me?” I asked after I dropped the swords out of shock.

“I just barely came out to see what all of the ruckus was.” Dante said as I turned around to face him. “The only thing you are doing wrong is forcing it.”

“I’m not forcing it.” I said defensively.

“Here,” He said, handing me the swords back. “Try this.”

He walked behind me and grabbed onto my hands. He swung my arms in a rhythm, which I never did. After a while he added a couple of turns and then eventually let go of me and grabbed the two handed sword that Marethal gave him. He came towards me blocking all my swings until I almost got him with both swords.

“Ok, that’s enough.” He said as we were both drenched in sweat. “You’re just as amazing as you are beautiful.”

“What?” I asked, not sure of the last part he said.

“You’re amazing with the swords.” He replied. “But we  better get some sleep.”

“Ok…” I said as he walked back into the tent he was sharing with Dustin.

I went back into my tent and lied down inside the sleeping bag this time because it was starting to get cold out. It took me a couple of hours to fall asleep because I was thinking about what I thought I heard Dante say.

When I woke up I walked over to the tent that the guys were sleeping in. They were still asleep so I tapped the bottom of their feet with my foot. Dante was the first to sit up. He wasn’t wearing a shirt though so it showed how muscular he was. His chest and stomach were so defined you could see every muscle perfectly. I didn’t want him to realize I was checking him out so I walked back out of the tent and started packing up my tent and sleeping bag.

The guys only took a few more minutes to get everything packed and then we got back on the horses. We rode until my horse started getting tired and then we started walking. It was getting really hot out so I took my armor off and just draped it on the horse. It was a lot cooler with just my tank top and short shorts on. We were all drenched in sweat and completely out of water. We walked by a cave and heard a noise.

“Who’s there?” We heard in a familiar voice.

“Sera Leah?” Dustin questioned.

“Dustin,” She returned, running out of the cave and jumping on him. “I knew you’d come for me.”

They stood there and kissed for a minute. I realized the bottom of her dress was soaked, so I knew there was water nearby. I  was trying to wait for them to stop but the horses needed water and they were taking forever.

“We need to find water.” I interrupted.

“Oh, there is water in the cave.” Sera Leah answered.

They went right back to what they were doing so we lead the horses inside the cave since it was big enough for them to go into. There was a lot of space inside the cave. It was about a hundred feet around and there was a spring inside of it. We led the horses to the water and I started splashing some of the water on my face. Then I just sat down on a rock next to the water.

After the horses were done drinking the water Dante started taking off his shoes. Then he took off his shirt and ran and jumped into the water. I watched him for a second as he came up out of the water. The water dripping off his muscles was so attractive it was insane.


“Come on Lyali, the water feels great.” He said motioning for me to join him.

“I don’t think so.” I answered.

“Lyali,” He said walking towards me.

“Dante don’t you dare.” I replied when he got by me.

“What are you going to do about it?” He asked, picking me up off the rock and giving me a smirk.

“I won’t have to hurt you.”  I answered.

“Hmmm…” he said thinking about it. “ Not good enough.” He said running into the water with me in his arms.

“Dante, don’t if this shirt gets wet it will be see-through.” I stated holding onto him tightly.

“Good point.” He said looking at me and then dropping me in the water anyway.

I pulled him underneath the water and swam up to the top to get air. I started swimming towards the edge of the water but Dante grabbed my leg and pulled me back underwater. We both got up to the top at the same time and I pushed him back under. He came up and picked me up again like he was going to throw me back in the water but he didn’t, he just stared at me for a second.

“You are so beautiful.” He said.

I grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled his lips to mine. We started kissing.  He must have been standing on a rock and lost his footing though because after a few seconds we both went underwater and he dropped me. We both swam back up to the surface.

“I’m sorry.” I said, catching my breath.

“Don’t be.” He replied, grabbing me by my hips and pulling me closer to him, smiling.

Lyali (third teaser)

“They took your parents.” Marethal said as Dustin released me.

“Who?” He demanded.

“It was a group of people. They took them while everyone was still fighting.” Daven answered. “They all left as soon as your parents were gone.

“I’m going after them.” Dustin said, turning away.

“They took Sera Leah also.” Daven added as Dustin started walking away.

Dustin didn’t even look back. He paused for a second and then kept walking. I knew he was upset just because of that. I ran after him but he was already in his room when I caught up to him. I knocked on the door and walked in.

“What?” he asked, not even turning to look at me.

“I’m going with you.” I answered.

“It’s not your fight.” He answered pulling out the boots he used for training with my mom.

“If it’s yours it’s mine, Dustin you know that.” I replied.

“Get dressed then.” He said, not even trying to argue it.

I left the room and went into mine. Almost right after I closed the door there was a knock. I thought it was Dustin so I waited for him to walk in but instead there was just another knock. I got up and answered it and it was Dante. I was embarrassed for leaving him behind and I felt bad.

“I’m sorry.” I said. “But I have to go.”

“Let me come with.” He replied.

“I don’t know when we will get back.” I stated.

“So, I don’t have anything else to do.” He said.

“It’s going to be dangerous.” I added as I grabbed the armor and stuff I always used when I was out hunting with Dustin.

“I live for danger.” He said as I pulled the armor over the clothes I was wearing.

“I can’t ask you to do this with me.” I said standing up to get my boots.

“You’re not.” He said as I put my boots on.

I grabbed the throwing knives my mom had me train with out of the closet and  the daggers I kept under my pillow. I strapped the daggers on me, one on each side of my hip. Then I put the throwing knives inside one of my boots to where the handles were sticking out. I walked out of the room and Dante followed.

“Are you ready?” Dustin asked as he came out of his room.

“Yep.” I answered as we started walking down the stairs back into the main room.

“Come with me.” Marethal demanded as we walked into the main room.

We followed him without any questions asked. He led us to the house that he and Elder Marrialli stayed in right behind the castle. He took us down to his basement which was his workshop I assumed when we got down there because he had everything he needed to make weapons.

“I’ve been making you two these swords since you were babies.” He said as he opened a cupboard.

He pulled out a pair of swords that were both made out of black steel with emeralds encrusted in the handle. He handed them to me and I thanked him. He then pulled out another pair of swords that were made out of white steel that had Sapphires encrusted in them. He handed them to Dustin. Before Dustin could thank him he led us over to another cabinet.

“Take whatever you need.” He said as he opened it. “You too sir.” He added when Dante just stood there.

Dante grabbed a bow and arrows, then a two handed sword. Dustin and I already had everything we need so we just grabbed sheaths for our weapons and put them on. Then we got the first aid stuff out of the cupboard which all he had was bandages and the stuff to sew wounds up, which was fine with us. He held a bag open for us to put everything in and he also handed us canteens for water.

“Thank you Marethal.” I said, bowing my head to him.

“You’re welcome my dear.” He replied as we all walked back out of the house.

We all got on horses after that and left. Dante was riding with me just so there would be a couple of horses left in case they needed to take my parents to a healer. We rode to the place where I and Dustin always went when we were stressed. We brought the horses inside with us this time so that they could drink from the spring. We put up the two tents we brought. Dustin went to gather firewood as soon as we got the tents up.

“Are you ok?” Dante asked as I sat down in the grass.

“I’ll be fine.” I answered as he sat down next to me.

“You don’t look like it.” He stated.

“Well my parents are possibly going to die and my cousins got kidnapped.” I said, looking at him.

“So you’re not ok?” He asked.

“I’ll be fine.” I said as Dustin walked through the entrance with the fire wood.

“Well if you want to talk about it, I’ll be here.” He said getting up to help Dustin with the firewood.

After they got the fire going I just went into the tent and rolled out my sleeping bag. I lied down on top of it and tried to sleep but I couldn’t. When the fire got put out I decided to go practice with my new swords so I could get used to the way they handle.

They were light but tough and sharp. They went through everything I swung them at. They didn’t slow me down either. I was moving quicker and able to jump higher with them than I ever was before. The handles were perfect for my hands.

Lyali (Second Teaser) Enjoy :)

I went and got into my pajamas after the party was over and knocked on Dustin’s door. I wanted to tell him what had happened and I wanted to tell him about Dante. He opened the door and peeked out. When he saw it was me he opened it wider to let me in.

“Lyali, what’s going on?” He asked.

“I met this guy today, I really like him.” I said, sitting down on the bed.

“What about Andrew?” He asked sitting down next to me.

“Well, I caught him kissing another girl, she was human like him.” I answered, a little upset.

“I’m going to kill him.” Dustin said getting off the bed.

“Dustin,” I said pulling him back down onto the bed. “I already knew it was going to happen, I’m elven and he thought he was better than me because of it. I don’t even care he was annoying me anyways.”

“At least tell me you hit him.” He said.

“I did, he will have a bruise on his face for a while.” I answered. “I met a guy today though, He was elven, and I am supposed to meet him again tomorrow.”

“That’s cool, is he nice?” He asked.

“I think so.” I answered. “But I am supposed to meet him here so I was wanting to stay another night in the castle.”

“I’ll talk to my parents, I’d rather you meet him here again so I can tell if I need to kill him or not.” He answered smiling.

There was a knock on the door right after that. It was Sera Leah so I left fully knowing that they would want to be alone.  I went in and lied down on the bed. I tried to sleep but I couldn’t stop thinking about Dante. I barely got any sleep that night and when I did I was still thinking about him. I woke up to a knock on the door.

“Hey.” Dustin said when I opened the door. “Everything is ok with the parents, yours also.”

“Thank you so much.” I said, jumping up and hugging him.

“Arriani said we will just go through training tomorrow since we all had a long night so don’t be out too late.” He said embracing me also.

“How did you get that one over?” I asked, shocked.

“Your dad started talking about having the day alone together and your mom pretty much melted, you know how it goes.” He answered letting go of me.

“It’s amazing how they still are so much in love after almost eighteen years.” I stated. “Very convenient though.”

“Well lunch is ready, you slept pretty late.” He said turning to leave.

When Dustin walked away I ran into the room and started getting dressed. I put on a low cut white tank top and a pair of black really short shorts. I put my makeup on for the day and ran down to the dining room. Dustin and Sera Leah were sitting right next to each other, but Tamlen and Isabella weren’t there.

“Where’s your mom and dad?” I asked Dustin as I sat down at the table.

“They are spending the day with your parents; they said they will be at the tavern if we need anything.” He answered as the servant brought us our food.

“I thought you were against slavery here?” Sera Leah asked.

“We are, they are servants, they get paid, pretty good too, they make almost as much as the guards.” Dustin answered.

“Where are Elder Marrialli and Daven?” I asked.

“They don’t usually eat lunch here; they only do on important days.” He answered.

Elder Marrialli was basically the ruler of the elven when Riordian took over the throne and tried making the elven slaves. Daven was the dwarven king because Riordian also banished the dwarves back to their underground kingdoms. They rule with Isabella and Tamlen now, just so every race has a say in everything. Isabella made sure it was that way when she came into rule.

We ate and when we were done we went for a ride on the horses. Dustin wanted to take Sera Leah on a tour of the main town so she would know where everything was. She wanted to stop and go inside every store so before they were halfway done I had to head back to the castle to meet Dante. It was already almost sunset so I ran up the stairs to Dustin’s room and waited by the window.

A rock hit the window and I got up to see if it was him, which it was. I jumped out onto the tree branch and jumped down the tree going from branch to branch doing a backflip off the last branch just because of how high up it was.

“Wow,” he said as my feet hit the ground. “So are you part ninja?” He added smiling.

“Not even.” I said, blushing. “So what are we doing?”

“I don’t know I just wanted to see you again.” He answered.

“We can go for a ride, we have horses.” I answered.

“I’ve never ridden a horse before.” He stated.

“There is a first time for everything.” I answered, taking him by the hand and leading him to the stables.

I climbed on my horse with Dante right behind me. We took off quickly and Dante almost fell off the back of the horse. We got outside of town and then I made Dante hold the reigns. I saw a pretty strong tree coming up in front of us so I stood up and when we got to it I grabbed onto the branch. I got myself up to the top of the tree and Dante came back over with the horse.

“What are you doing?” He asked looking up at me.

“Enjoying the view.” I answered, looking down at him.

He got off the horse and started climbing up the tree. When he got up to the top he just leant against one of the branches for a minute, I was assuming he was catching his breath.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Just enjoying the view.” He said looking right at me.

I turned to look where he was looking but I didn’t see anything but a bunch of bushes, so I was wondering if he was talking about me. Off in the distance though it looked like there was a bunch of torches headed for the castle. I hurried down the tree and Dante followed me.

“What’s wrong?” He asked when we got to the bottom.

“There is something going on at the castle, we’ve got to go.” I answered climbing on the horse.

Dante climbed on after me and I got my horse running back to the castle. When we got to the castle I didn’t even bother to put my horse in the stables, I just ran straight up the stairs and into the main room.

The castle was thrashed, almost everything was broken. The servants were cleaning up and Marrialli and Daven were there and so was Marethal, which was a blacksmith friend of my mothers. They were huddled around though. I ran over to them and saw my mother and father, lying on the ground. Elder Marrialli was trying to bandage them up but they were unconscious so it was hard for her to move them.

“What’s going on?” Dustin asked as he stormed through the doors.

Tears started running down my face as he walked over. I knew what was going to happen to my parents. Dustin saw what was going on and he hugged me trying to comfort me. He held me while I cried.