Lyali (5th Teaser)

He went to kiss me again but then he saw Dustin and Sera Leah walking into the cave. He swam toward the edge and grabbed his shirt. He motioned for me so I swam over there too. He handed me his shirt so I climbed out of the water and put it on over my tank top.

“What are we doing?” Dustin asked. “It’s getting late.”

“We could just stay here for the night.” Dante said, looking right at me and climbing out of the water.

“Then let’s put the tents up.” Dustin said walking over to the bags.

I walked over to the bags also and pulled out the other tent and started putting it up. Dante came right over and started helping. We got the tents up and then everyone started talking so I went outside of the cave to find some firewood. I picked up the last few pieces of wood that we would need for the night and I turned around to walk back to the cave but Dante was right there. It scared me so I dropped all the firewood.

“You scared me.” I stated as I bent down to pick up the firewood.

“Sorry.” He said bending down to help me.

“What are you doing out here.” I said as we got it all picked up and stood back up.

“Dustin doesn’t want any of us alone right now, he sent me out here as soon as we realized you were gone.” He said smiling.

“So what, it’s going to be two to a tent then?” I asked as we started walking back towards the cave.

“Yes, but it’s not that bad.” He said looking at me and smiling. “We’ll be in a tent together.”

I just looked at him and smiled. We walked back to the cave together and started a fire. Dustin and Sera Leah were already inside their tent of course. We just went inside our tent after the fire was started. I lied down on my sleeping bag and Dante lied down on his. I had totally forgotten that I was wearing his shirt until now. I sat up and took off his shirt and tossed it to him since my shirt was almost dry.

“Thank you.” I said as he just set the shirt off to the side of his sleeping bag.

“You’re welcome.” He answered smiling at me still.

He didn’t say anything else he just laid there for a second. He seemed deep in thought; he was just looking down at the ground. He was like that for a few minutes, then I put my hand on his and he snapped out of it.

“Are you ok?” I asked, him rubbing my thumb across the top of his hand.

“Yeah, I was just thinking about stuff.” He answered grabbing my hand by the fingertips and bringing my hand to his lips and kissing it.

I smiled and blushed a little when he did it. He smiled back at me and giggled, I assumed because I blushed. He held on to my hand for a while longer just looking into my eyes. It was strange but it didn’t bother me until his smile faded.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Nothing really just thinking about the day we met.” He answered, forcing a smile.

“Why’d you seem so upset just barely?” I asked.

“Well, I remembered the first day we met, you were crying.” He stated. “Why were you crying?”

“It’s a long story. I don’t really want to talk about it right now.” I answered.

“Well we better get some sleep.” He said rolling over on the sleeping bag.

I couldn’t believe he brought that up and it did still upset me. I didn’t try talking to him after that I just rolled over also and lied down. I didn’t sleep much though unfortunately. When I finally started to fall asleep the boys were waking up.  So instead of actually sleeping I just got up and helped pack everything.


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