Memorial Day

Today seeing as how it is memorial day I want to make this post for all the troops out there. I want to thank them for keeping our country safe. Human or not everyone gets appreciated for what they have done for us in this post. They take time out of their lives to keep us safe, some leaving behind a family of their own. To all those troops, you are wonderful people and are the most selfless people that I can think of. You give your all to protect your country and if nobody can respect that and give thanks for it they are blind and cowards. Thank you all for giving part to all of your lives to keep us all free. This country would be nothing with out your bravery. God bless all our troops.


Just a reminder

 I want  to remind everyone that reads and likes my posts about my books they arent very detailed when I post them on here. I go through and edit alot when They are done being posted. Knowing that if you would buy my books pls like this post. The next one I am going to start posting is completely finished so I will only be posting pieces of it. 

Lyali (9th Teaser)

The day was over quickly but Dante refused to stop riding to make camp. Dustin and he kept arguing about it. From what I understood Dante didn’t want to stop because we were almost out of bandages and there was a town nearby, Dustin was tired and he said there were enough bandages to last one more night. They argued until we finally reached a town.

“Do you want to wait here while I get the rooms?” Dante asked me as he got off the horse.

“I’ll just go get the rooms, and you can stay out here with her.” Dustin said.

“How about both you guys go get the rooms and I’ll stay out here with her just to avoid another argument.” Sera Leah practically demanded.

They both just walked inside the inn after that. It was almost amazing that they didn’t try arguing after that. Although they did give each other the meanest possible look after that.

“Wow, I can’t believe that worked.” Sera Leah said as soon as they walked in the door.

“I know right, that’s all they’ve done since we left.” I answered.

“Actually, it’s been since you got hurt.” She replied.

“Huh?” I asked.

“They both think they know what’s better for you and with them being guys they argue over it.” She answered jumping off the horse. “They both care about you, a lot.”

“I know.” I answered, attempting to climb off the horse by myself but she ran over almost instantly and helped.

“You know it’d be hilarious if we made the guys share a room and you and I sleep in one. They would be so mad.” She said laughing a little.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” I answered.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yep and when they fall asleep, we’ll go get drunk.” I added.

“Ok.” She said, seeming a little shocked at it.

“What are you two talking about?” Dustin asked coming up beside us.

“Oh just how you and Dante are going to share a room so we don’t have to hear you two arguing all night long.” I answered with a smirk on my face.

“Really?” He asked, looking at Sera Leah.

“Yeah.” She answered helping me walk into the Inn.

We got to the room we were sharing and just as I expected they had to get the most expensive rooms there it seemed like. Of course Dustin got the rooms with one bed in it but it had a couch also. I just sat on the couch because I knew if I lied on the bed it’d be harder for me to get up. We sat there and listened to the guys argue through the wall.

“Well you ready?” I asked when the guys had finally stopped arguing.

“I should probably do your bandages and stuff first.” She said.

She got everything and got it all done quicker than Dustin did and then she helped me down to the Tavern.  She helped me over to a table in the corner so that no one was going to stare at us.  She went to go get the drinks and came back.

“The guys are going to be mad when we wake up with hangovers.” I said after taking a drink.

“Yeah probably.” She said giggling a little.

“Can you imagine how ironic it would be if they came down right now?” I said laughing.

“Looks like we’re about to find out.” She answered with a bummed out nervous look on her face.

“Shit.” I muttered when I turned around and saw they were on their way over here. “Here we go.” I added fully knowing there was going to be another argument.

“What are you doing? She shouldn’t be down here drinking she should be upstairs getting rest.” Dustin started.

“Well would you like being locked in a room all day with nothing to do?” Dante started.

“That’s enough.” I said standing up. “Now either you two can stop arguing and have a couple of drinks with us or you two can just get your asses kicked by a crippled female in front of all these drunk patrons that I am sure would not have a problem laughing at you afterwards.” I said, grabbing onto the table because my leg almost gave out.

“Wow that’s kind of… hot.” Dante said, sitting down the chair next to me.

“That’s nice.” I answered almost falling to the ground from the pain in my leg, but not letting up on them.

“Sit down cousin, we will stop arguing.” Dustin said walking towards the counter to go get more drinks.

I sat down and Sera Leah started laughing. I drank the rest of my drink just to see if she would stop laughing by time I was done, but she didn’t. Dustin set another cup next to me and sat down on the other side of me smiling.

“What’s so funny?” He asked looking at Sera Leah.

“Don’t know maybe that it took a threat from a crippled lady that can barely stand to get you two to stop arguing.” I answered.

“That might be it.” He said.

We just sat there drinking afterwards. We drank three more after that and then decided it was time to go to bed. We decided not to make the guys share a room after all. When we were ready to leave Dante picked me up and carried me up to the room. He laid me on the bed. He went and lied on the couch.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“I thought we were going to sleep.” He answered.

“Why on the couch?” I asked getting myself into an almost sitting up position.

“I just assumed you’d want the bed.” He answered.

“Come here.” I demanded.

He walked over to me and sat on the bed next to me. I pulled him down towards me and kissed him. I pulled away for a second and he stared at me like he was confused.

“I only want the bed if you’re in it with me.” I stated pulling him back down to me and kissing him again.

“Lyali…” He started pulling away, kissed me again quickly, and then pulled away again. “I can’t, we have to stop.”

“Dante, it’s fine.” I said. “I don’t care.”

“But I do.” He said, sitting up. “You deserve better.”

“Dante, we are in a room, with a bed, it’d be just like waiting till we get home.” I answered.

I pulled him back down on me and started pulling his shirt off while I was kissing him. He pushed his body against mine and started raising my shirt up. Then he stopped and pulled away.

“Lyali, are you sure?” He asked breathing heavily. “Because any more and I won’t be able to control myself.”

Lyali (8th Teaser)

The dream started with the argument that me and Dante got into. Then what I yelled at Dustin. I was reliving the entire night. It got to where the creature got me and I started screaming, I was waiting for Dante to come and get me but he never came. The creature was right on top of me and I was lying helpless. “What’s going on?” I heard in the background. I couldn’t wake up though as much as I wanted too.  A bunch of the creatures came after me also and then there was a bunch of people chasing after them. The creature that was on me scratched at my face and my chest then it ran off. I thought I saw my parents and Dustin’s father but I didn’t know for sure. Still screaming in pain I heard my Mother’s voice “Wake up”.

“What did you do to her?!” I heard Dante yelling at the elder.

“I don’t know what went wrong.” She answered.

“We are leaving now; I don’t care if you saw what you needed!” He said with a raised voice, then he walked over to the bed. “Hey.”

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“We are leaving.” He said, picking me up off the bed. “Before they can hurt you again.”

What is he talking about? I thought it was just a dream they didn’t hurt me the nightmare just didn’t end when it was supposed to. I thought to myself as He carried me out of the tent without saying anything to anyone.

He put me on the horse and climbed onto it also. Dustin and Sera Leah hurried up and climbed onto their horse too, Dustin questioned why we were leaving so soon but Dante just ignored him. We stopped in the middle of a forest and Dante climbed off the horse and grabbed me and got me down. Then he carried me over to a tree and put me down.

“I’ll get the tent set up ok.” He said, brushing the hair out of my face. It stung when he did and I had no Idea why.

“What happened to her?” Dustin asked.

“They almost killed her.” Dante answered, grabbing the tent.

I didn’t realize it until then but my shirt was bloody. I felt my face and realized it was scratched up just like in the dream. I pulled my shirt away from my skin and realized my chest was too. Now I understood why Dante was so angry.

“How?” Dustin asked looking over at me.

“I don’t know, but everything that happened in her dream that wasn’t already there is there now.” Dante said, almost angrily.

I was still in a daze from all of it, and now in more pain than before. Everything they were doing was a blur to me. Dustin and Sera Leah went and got the firewood and Dante was doing something inside the tent. After the fire got started Dante came out of the tent and sat by me. I leant against him and I thought I felt a tear hit my shoulder.

“What happened back there?” I asked him, wondering why the ritual went so wrong.

“I don’t know for sure but I think they used the wrong herb.” He answered. “I am so sorry Lyali.”

“It’s not your fault.” I said, trying to make him feel better about it.

“But I trusted her and I left you alone, maybe if I was there I could have stopped it before that happened to you.” He said starting to run his fingertips up and down my arm.

“But you didn’t know that was going to happen.” I said, yawning after I was done talking.

“Here, let me help you into bed.” He said getting up and helping me into the tent.

The bag I was going to sleep on had padding under it, which I assumed was what Dante was doing in here. Dante walked out of the tent and I heard his and Dustin’s voice. I couldn’t make out anything that they were saying. Dustin then came in the tent.

“I need to rub this ointment on your… injuries.” He said holding up a container.

“Ok.” I answered, looking to see if Dante was going to come in the tent or not.

“Tell me if I hurt you ok.” He said as he started rubbing the ointment on my face.

I grunted a couple of times which caused him to pause every time I did. It only took about twenty minutes for him to finish putting on the ointment. He bandaged everything up, kissed me on the forehead and said goodnight. I heard him and Dante talking again. I just lied down in the bed and tried to sleep. Dante came in the tent and lied in the sleeping bag next to me.

“Dante.” I almost whispered.

“Yes?” he asked.

“How bad is it?” I asked.

“The wounds will heal.” He answered.

“I mean my face.” I  said.

“You’re still the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen.” He said. “But it won’t scar, it looks like it barely got you.”

“What about the other one?” I asked.

“Those might scar, but there’s nothing wrong with that.” He answered grabbing and holding onto my hand.

“Dante…kiss me.” I said so quiet I was surprised he heard me.

He moved close to me quickly, moved the hair out of my face and started kissing me. I moved as close to him as possible and pushed my body up against his. He had his hand at my jawline and moved it down to my waist. I pulled him on top of me the best I could. A few minutes after that he pulled away.

“Lyali, I can’t, we have to stop.” He said breathing heavily.

“Don’t,” I pleaded almost breathing as heavily as he was.

“You don’t want it to go any further than this.” He answered.

“Dante?” I started.

“And if you do I won’t do it like this.” He said interrupting me. “You deserve so much better than a tent in the woods, with a guy that you don’t want a relationship with.”

“I want to be with you, and it took all of this happening for me to figure it out.” I answered.

“You still deserve better than this.” He said. “But I still want to be with you.”

“Ok.” I answered.

Dante just lied next to me after that. He held me close again and ran his fingertips up and down my side. I fell asleep after just a few minutes. I was so comfortable in his arms it was crazy. I didn’t wake up screaming this time either, which was weird because I always did when Dante wasn’t there. I woke up late in the afternoon and Dante was just lying there next to me, wide awake.

first blog show

I did my first blog show today. I think it went well for it being my first time doing it. I was really nervous though and was sweating badly the entire time. it’s been hours since then and I still have butterflies in my stomach from it. Good news is he wants me to do another one  when I release Lyali for sale. I do believe he is still looking for authors to do these interviews with so look him up and message him. His name is Etienne Gibbs, He is also an author and He is doing these shows to help other authors get their books and stuff out there. I would appreciate it if some of you would check this out. / I hope you enjoy it.