Lyali (10th teaser)

We just fell asleep in each other’s arms. When we woke up that morning we were still undressed, and we just lied together until we heard a knock at the door. Dante got up and threw his pants on real quick and answered the door. He just walked out of the room and closed the door without saying anything to me. He was out there for a minute and then I heard them arguing again so I knew it was Dustin.

I got my clothes and put them on hurting myself a little in the process. I got off of the bed and held onto the wall trying to get to the door. When I opened it I almost fell but Dustin caught me. Then he looked at me and started trying to argue with me.

“What are you doing?” He asked, almost yelling.

“Do not yell at her.” Dante said, defensively.

“She shouldn’t be walking by herself.” He turned to him.

“I wasn’t, the wall was helping.” I answered.

“And you cannot expect her to stay in the room all day.” Dante added.

“Alright someone just tell me what is going on, without arguing preferably.” I demanded as I hugged the doorway.

“The guy that took my parents has been seen entering a ware house with two hostages.” He started.

“We are actually not sure if it was the guy that took his parents.” Dante interrupted glancing over his shoulder at me.

“I think it is worth looking into though, and I want you to stay here so you do not get hurt.” Dustin added glaring at Dante angrily.

“And I do not think it is a good idea for you to be here alone, they are in the next town so it will take all night so we will not be back till the morning.” Dante added interrupting again and crossing his arms over his chest stubbornly.

“Ok, so Sera Leah will stay here with me and you two will go.” I said, ending the argument completely.

“Ok,” Dante said kissing me and then he tried helping me into the room.

I refused his help and leant against the wall and watched them leave. When I was sure they were gone I went and knocked on Sera Leah’s door. I waited for a second then she opened it.

“Are the guys gone?” She asked when she saw it was me at the door.

“Yep,” I answered as she handed me a stick. “What is this for?”

“It is a walking stick. I got it yesterday after Dustin went to sleep.” She replied.

“Thank you.” I said as we walked down the hallway.

“Shopping?” She asked as we got to the stairs.

“Sure.” I answered.

We walked to a clothing store and started looking around. Sera Leah walked up to me with a really cute black shirt that had a green design on it. The design was just vines of leaves that started at the bottom of the shirt that was at angle that was longer than the rest of the shirt. She also held up a black pair of short shorts that were hemmed with green thread.

“This would look amazing on you.” She said, smiling.

“I will try it on.” I answered taking it from her and going into the dressing room.

I struggled to get the shorts on but they fit perfectly and so did the shirt. The outfit showed my figure perfectly. I hobbled out of the dressing room and Sera Leah came out of the dressing room she was in.

She was wearing a blue shirt with a pair of light blue short shorts. They really brought out her blue eyes and looked really good on her.

Dustin had a thing for blondes so it was really weird that he ended up being betrothed to one even before he was born. I think somehow it was fate that they ended up together, and I was so glad he ended up being this happy.

“You look great.” She said walking over to me. “It really brings out your eyes and hair, Dante’s going to go crazy when he sees you.”

“Do not worry; Dustin will not be able to control himself.” I replied as we walked up to the counter to pay for the outfits.

I tried to get my money out of my other shorts but by the time I did Sera Leah already had it all paid for. I thanked her and we walked out of the store. We went to go eat when we got back to the Inn.

By time we were done it was getting dark. I was really starting to get along with Sera Leah. We went to the tavern after that and had a couple of drinks.

We sat there and drank together just talking about all the stuff we amazingly had in common, it was strange because I never got along with any girls. She was apparently the same way which was really odd. We had about four drinks and then we walked up to the rooms. We said goodnight and I went and lied down on the bed.

I fought the sleep as much as possible because I knew the dreams were going to come back as soon as I did. I made it possibly half way through the night and then I fell asleep. The dream started out with me and Dante in the woods. The creature came and killed him and then started ripping into me. I was screaming in my dream but I wasn’t sure if I was screaming out loud.

“Lyali.” I heard, but I still wasn’t waking up.

Then the dream just stopped and everything got peaceful. I felt something going through my hair and I knew Dante was back. I forced myself to wake up at that time. I opened my eyes and saw him. My head was in his lap and he was running his fingers through my hair.

“Hey beautiful.” He said when he saw that I was looking up at him.

“It never fails.” I replied sitting up slowly.

“What is that?” He asked, smiling, and still running his fingers through my hair.

“You make the dreams go away.” I answered.  “Or well I guess you turn the nightmares into dreams.”

“Well then it looks like you are stuck with me every night then.” He said smiling even bigger than before.

“I think I can live with that.” I said, then pulled him towards me and kissed him.

“Well I came to see my cousin and how she is doing, looks like I get a show with it.” Tamlen said walking into the room with a huge smile on his face.

“Tamlen, haven’t you heard of knocking?” I asked, jokingly as I got up and embraced him.

“Yes, but I prefer not to.” He answered smiling. “How are you feeling?”

“Well it still hurts to walk, and I


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