Shyria (3rd)


When I woke the next morning Faeron was in the room. He looked like he had been sitting there for a while now. When he saw that I was up practically jumped out of the chair he was sitting in.

“Good morning.” I said.

“Good morning.” He started. “I was thinking about yesterday and I thought, well you cannot really walk but I can take you outside and you can lie in the grass.” He suggested sounding almost nervous about my answer.

“Yeah it would be nice.” I answered. “But I do not want to be a bother.”

“It is not a problem.” He said as he picked me up out of the bed.

He carried me outside of the house and found a nice grassy spot not that far away from his house to lay in. He laid me down and then sat down himself. I just lied there for a while and enjoyed the fresh air. Eventually Faeron shifted from sitting to lying  also.  It was quiet for the first while until Faeron got up the nerve to talk.

“So why do you have so many weapons?” He asked out of nowhere.

“For protection.” I answered smartly.

“I know that.” He stated. “But why so many?”

“Well I use two swords when I use them, then I have my two daggers just in case something happens and my swords get knocked out of my hands and my four throwing knives for long ranged.” I answered.

“I have only got one huge two handed sword and a bow with arrows.” He added.

“Why do you not live in a town?” I asked.

“Well I kind of do.” He answered. “My dad lives in town and my mother lives here. My parents think it is safer out here and my father has been waiting for someone for over fourteen years.”

“Oh.” I said as I rolled over to face him. “So where do you like it better?”

“Honestly I love how quiet it is up here and the scenery is great.” He answered.

“It is nice when you get out of the house after a while.” I said.

We just stared up at the sky for a while until the sun set behind the mountains and sometime afterwards. When it started to get cold out he picked me up off of the ground and carried me back inside and to the bed. He smiled at me and then turned to leave.

“Thank you.” I said before he could leave the room. “For taking me out of the house for a while.”

“You are welcome, goodnight.” He returned with a smile.

“Good night.” I answered smiling back at him.

I only laid there for a few minutes before I fell asleep. It was wonderful getting some fresh air. I slept better than usual that night which was amazing. I was so glad Faeron happened to be the one who rescued me.

A few days passed by and I started developing feelings for him, feelings that I had never felt before and didn’t understand. It started to bother me though because I still had to hide who I was from him.

Neinna came back that morning and helped me get into some clothes. She also made me think of Marrialli. My last day with her kept coming into my mind. Late that night I finally remembered how I knew the name Faeron. I practically jumped out of the bed hurting myself in the process so instead of actually going somewhere I ended up on the floor. Faeron came running into the room and helped me stand up.

“I know who I was looking for now.” I exclaimed as soon as I was standing all the way up.

“Ok well who is it?” He asked.

“It is you.” I answered, looking into his eyes again.

“What are you talking about?” He asked laughing again.

“Look, I know it sounds crazy, but this entire time I have been looking for you.” I answered as I sat back down on the bed.

“Ok, I have to take your stitches out now anyways, so you can explain because I am still confused.” He said as he got a small knife out of a drawer.

He took out the stitches in my head first and I told him everything that Marrialli said to me about finding her nephew, without telling him anything about who I was. He had finished taking out the stitches in my stomach too when I finished telling him and he was started on my chest.

“I still have no idea who you are but how is my aunt?” he asked as he got the stitches out of my chest.

“She passed away, that is why I left.” I answered with my voice cracking as tears filled my eyes, I was holding back as much as I could.

“Oh.” He said as he wiped a tear off of my cheek. “I am very sorry.”

We then heard a noise outside of the house. It sounded like a group of people walking towards the house. Faeron moved the bed quickly and opened a trap door and helped me down into it then closed the trap door and moved the bed back. There was then a knock at the door and I could hear as the door flung open.

“What happened to the red haired elven woman you brought here?” One of the men demanded as they came into the room. “We know you brought her here.”
“She died about a week ago.” He answered with a straight face that I would have believed.

“I find that hard to believe.” The guard returned.

As they searched the room my throat tightened up and it got hard to breathe and my heart started racing as I realized that they were the guards that attacked me in the woods. I could see almost everything through the cracks in the floor boards.

I started uncontrollably shaking with anger and honestly I was a little scared. I wanted to climb out of the trap door and kill all of them but I could not. I could not put Faeron and Neinna in danger after all they have done for me so I remained quiet even though I was ready to go up there and kill all three of them for what they had tried to do to me.

“Do you know what her name was? Was her name Shyria?” The same guard asked.

“I do not know she never woke up.” Faeron answered still not giving any signs of lying.

The three guards stormed out of the room and when Faeron was sure that they were gone he started moving the bed. Then Neinna came into the room and they started talking but I could not hear what they were saying. She left the room quickly after they finished talking and Faeron opened the trap door to let me out.

“Shyria?” He said, questionably.

“I was going to tell you.” I said as I climbed up the stairs, still shaking extremely bad. “But then they showed up.”

“That is a very pretty name.” He said.

“Thank you.” I replied, blushing again.

“Why are you shaking so badly?” He asked as he grabbed one of my hands and my heart started pounding again but it was different this time it was a pleasant pounding.

“They were the men that attacked me in the woods.” I answered holding back tears.

“I will kill them.” He said getting ready to head for the door but I held him back.

“I will be fine, just leave them be, they will get what is coming to them.” I said still holding onto his hand and now his arm too. “I will be the one to kill them for what they did to me.”

“I can understand that. Why are Eloan’s men searching for you though?” He asked but then he just turned away. “But you probably cannot tell me that either.”

“Faeron, do not go.” I said as he started to walk away but I kept a hold of his hand and did not let him leave.

“Unless you are going to tell me who you are, I should really go.” He said turning to look at me and almost sounding angry and hurt.

I took a step toward him and looked into his eyes. He smiled at me again and for some reason I knew I could trust him. I wanted him to know who I was and what kind of danger they were in. I took the mask off and just tossed it on the bed. He just stared at me for a second almost like he was in shock.

“I am the heir to the throne. I am the most wanted person in the kingdom right now and as long as I am here you guys are in danger.” I stated standing as proud as I possibly could at that time.

“You are absolutely gorgeous.” I thought I heard him say.

“What did you say?” I asked as my heart leaped into my throat and chills filled my entire body.

“Umm, I have got to go.” He said and started rushing out of the room. “But I will not let you leave injured.” He added as he stopped at the door and then continued rushing out.

I sat back down on the bed and just stared into my hands. I waited for a while but he did not come back in the room. I saw my weapons in the closet and grabbed them all. I put the sheaths on and put my weapons where they belonged. Then I put my mask back on and peeked out of the doorway. Faeron seemed to be asleep on the couch so I walked out as quiet as possible. I did not get that far away from the house though.

“Where are you going?” Faeron asked running after me.

“I cannot stay here anymore.” I answered, turning to look at him. “I do not want you to get hurt over me.”

“Do not go.” He said as he grabbed both of my hands.

“I cannot put you and your mother in danger anymore.” I answered. “You have done so much for me the last thing I want is for you two to be in danger.”

“At least wait until morning, I will come with you.” He pleaded.

“Faeron, I cannot and will not ask you to come with me.” I answered.

“You are not.” He stated making me look into his eyes. “I am asking you to let me.”

“Alright.” I answered, practically hypnotized in the beauty of his magnificent eyes.

He led me back to the house and I do not think he realized that he was still holding one of my hands until we got to the door and he dropped my hand quickly. His cheeks went pink and he looked away. He opened the door and we walked inside.  I took my mask back off and we both just sat on the couch. I did not think I was tired until I woke up lying in Faerons lap. I sat up quickly hoping he did not notice and that he fell asleep before I did.

“Is everything ok?” He asked sounding like he was still asleep.

“Yeah, I just did not realize how tired I was until just now.” I answered.

“I know me too. I guess I better go tell my mother though.” He replied and got up and hesitantly walked into his mother’s room.

I heard them arguing but I could not understand what they were saying because they were speaking elven and they were speaking the language so fast I could not understand it. She sounded like she had started crying though which made me feel extremely badly. It got quiet after a few minutes of her crying though. About fifteen minutes later Faeron came out and had a bag with him.

“I packed some stuff but I do not have a tent. We could always get one in the town that is not too far from here.” He said walking towards the door.

“You look exactly like your mother.” Neinna said as she came out of the room they were in.

“Thank you Neinna for everything, I have a tent we can just share.” I answered.

“Ok, that will work.” He said putting out his hand to help me up.

We barely got to the bottom of the mountain by sunset and we barely even spoke the entire way. We set up the tent and put our sleeping bags inside. We sat outside of the tent just long enough to watch the sunset then we climbed into the tent and drifted to sleep almost right away.


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