Shyria (5th)

“Good morning sleeping beauty.” Faeron said.

“For a minute there I thought I was going to have to go in there and kiss you for you to wake up.” Jarret added, joking.

“Why? You are no prince.” Denyse stated, with anger in her voice.

“Yeah, plus her boyfriend would have to kick your ass.” Faeron said.

“I do not have a boyfriend.” I stated.

“Oh well then I guess I would have to kick your ass.” Faeron corrected with a smile.

I grabbed the backpack and headed back for the tent to clean up the sleeping bags but I tripped over a rock. Faeron jumped off of the boulder he was sitting on and caught me practically out of midair before I could land on my face.

“You are just trying to rip your wounds open again, are you not?” He said as he turned me around to face him.

“No, but thank you.” I said as my eyes met his.

He brushed a strand of hair out of my face again, his touch enticing me greatly. We stared into each other’s eyes and we started slowly moving closer to each other and neither of us had realized it but then Denyse faked a cough so we ran away from each other.

I climbed into the tent and packed up the sleeping bags quickly. When I climbed out of the tent Faeron started packing up the tent almost instantly. Then we set out. We walked till well after dark mainly because we were coming up to a town.

When we got right outside of the town I heard something behind me so I turned and as soon as I did I felt a stabbing pain in my back and the guy that stabbed me just threw me to the ground. I dropped to my knees and the next thing I knew my leg was getting crushed between a rock and some guy’s foot as I tried crawling away. Faeron drew his sword and hurriedly chased after the guy. Faeron dug his blade into the guy’s stomach. We thought he was dead because he fell to the ground real quick.

“Are you ok?” He asked as he rushed over to me.

“I think so.” I answered hiding the pain I was in the best that I possibly could.

He picked me up off of the ground and then Jarret quickly ran passed us with his blade drawn. We looked towards him and realized that the guy was not dead. Jarret pulled his head back and cut his throat. Then everything seemed a little fuzzy and everything they were doing was getting a little blurry.

“She is losing a lot of blood. We have to get pressure on the wound and try to stop the bleeding.” Faeron stated. “There are bandages in my back pack just grab some.”

Denyse grabbed some of the bandages out of the back pack that was on his back and Faeron held them tightly against the wound on my back. He started running then and did not slow down until we made it to the inn. Jarret got two of the rooms and Faeron ran into the closest one and laid me down on my side. He dropped the back pack on the ground and grabbed the stuff to do the stitches with. Jarret and Denyse came into the room right as he started. I could feel the needle go in and out of my skin but I kept as quiet as possible only letting out a few groans here and there.

“Faeron, I think her leg is broken.” Jarret said as he looked over my leg.

“Here let me look.” Faeron said after he finished the stitching and then walked over to my leg. “Shyria I am going to have to push on your leg; you are going to have to tell me how bad it hurts when I do.”

“Ok.” I answered.

He started pushing on the back of my calf but it only stung in a couple of spots. When he started pushing on the front it was extremely painful. He made me move my foot which hurt so incredibly bad that I would rather have someone stab me in my leg. He winced at my screams of pain and then he let out a big sigh.

“Her leg is fractured.” He stated.  “She is going to have to stay off of it for a while.”

“How long?” I asked with pain still lingering in my voice.

“At least another week, it should be a month but we all know you wouldn’t do that.” He answered.

“That sucks. How far is your father’s house?” I asked.

“Too far for you to make it there like this.” He answered, helping me sit up. “I need to put bandages around your back. Jarret can you two turn around?”

“We are going to head to bed anyways.” Jarret said as he yawned.

“Goodnight.” Faeron said as he started wrapping the bandages around my back. “I can take care of her.”

It did not take him long to bandage up the wound. I know it embarrassed him though because I had to hold my shirt halfway up. He remained quiet though until I put my shirt down. His hand was shaking again and I was not quite sure but it might have been because he had feelings for me also.

“I should go find a small board so that I can splint your leg.” He said as he stood up.

“That can wait until tomorrow.” I stated. “You are tired and you need your rest. It does not hurt that bad right now.”

“Yeah you are right.” He said as he walked over to the couch in the room and lied down on it.

“What are you doing?” I asked confused. I was honestly hoping he would lay with me again.

“I am going to sleep, you are injured; you get the bed.” He answered politely.

I watched him as he lied there for a while and I wanted him to come and lay next to me so badly. My heart beat sped up a little as I thought about him. Then I finally got the nerve up to speak to him.

“Faeron.” I said after a few minutes of silence.

“Yes?” He replied looking over at me.

“Lay with me.” I answered getting butterflies in my stomach and my heart racing. “Please.”

“Ok.” He said as he got off the couch and climbed into the bed with me very carefully.

I took my mask off and set it on the floor next to the bed. I lied there and looked into Faeron’s eyes after that. They were so gorgeous and hypnotic, it seemed like they were drawing me to him.

The closer I seemed to get to him the warmer it seemed to get in the room. My mind raced as I thought about kissing him. My heart started pounding in my chest. I did not know if I should or shouldn’t kiss him, before I could decide though I already had.

My lips were pressed against his tightly. He jerked back for a second but then he started kissing me back with his tongue toying around on my lips. He pulled me close to him gently then we heard the door slam and we pulled away from each other. He got up and hesitantly walked out of the door to see who it was, looking back at me once or twice before he shut the door behind him.

He came back in twenty minutes later and he looked really upset, He closed the door awfully hard. I could not tell if he was sad or if he was irritated though. He paced the room for a second and then stopped.

“Denyse walked in on us kissing.” He stated speaking faster than usual.

“I am sorry, I will not do it ever again.” I said looking down at the floor and a knot seemed to form in my throat.

“I told her to knock next time.” He stated as he sat back down on the bed. “It is none of her business anyways.”

“Why are you so upset over just that?” I asked relieved that he did not agree with my last statement.

“I am not, she tried to kiss me also and then she took off when I turned away from her.” He answered. “I do not feel that way about her and she knows it.”

“But you do about me?” I asked looking at him and practically begging for an answer.

“So why are Eloan’s men so intent on killing you?” He asked, completely ignoring my question.

“I am the rightful heir to the throne, Eloan knows that if anyone stands against her that she will either be killed or thrown in the dungeon.” I answered disappointed. “And if anyone finds out that I am alive it will ruin everything for her.”

“How are you the heir to the throne I thought the king and queen were human?” he asked still refusing to answer the question I had asked.

“And they were also my cousins through marriage, with the entire bloodline dead that makes me queen; even though I wish I were not.” I answered. “Now are you going to answer my question?”

“We should get some sleep it is getting late.” He stated, his cheeks turned red but once again he completely ignored my question.

He just lied there after that which kind of upset me so I rolled over to face away from him and I fell asleep. When I woke up he was gone but Jarret was in the room sitting on the couch.


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