Shyria (6th)

“Where’s Faeron?” I asked, making him jump a little.

“He said he was going to get bandages and he knew if we left you alone that you would try finding us.” He answered sounding tired still so I could tell he didn’t get much sleep last night.

“Did he go alone?” I asked almost regretfully and fully knowing the answer I was about to receive.

“No Denyse is with him, they needed to talk about something that happened last night.” He stated. “I do not know what though.”

That made me really angry on top of what had happened last night. I do not know why it did Faeron told me he did not like her and we were not even together so the feeling was very strange. I was not used to these feelings because I had spent my entire life hiding. I never had any feelings even close to this before and I honestly had no clue how to react to them.

I realized right then I had taken my mask off last night and started feeling around for it on the floor where I put it but it was not there. I started to feel for it on the other side of the bed and all underneath it I started freaking out about it and Jarret realized it.

“Faeron put your mask back on you before he would even let us in the room.” He said. “Why are you so worried about hiding your face?”

“Because if I show my face I will get killed almost instantly and everyone seen with me also it is the safest way for everyone.” I answered.

“Well they left a while ago so they should be back any minute.” He stated right before they came running through the door.

“We have to go now!” Faeron said as he came rushing through the door with Denyse right behind him.

“Why, what is wrong?” I asked.

“Eloan’s men are closing down the city and raiding it, they know we are here, we have to go now.” He stated. “I know I told you that you shouldn’t walk on it but is there a way you can make it out of the city without being seen?”

“Of course, I am used to this kind of stuff.” I answered with a more than cocky smile as I got up out of the bed.

“Ok because they are on the way here.” He added. “Now.”

“It is the easiest thing in the world to me. It is in my blood.” I said as I walked over to the window and pulled it open.

“Wait.” Faeron said as I got ready to jump out of the window.

He walked over to me and pulled my mask down just far enough to kiss me cupping my chin in his hand and pulling my lips to his. He pulled away right as there was a knock on the door so I pulled my mask up and disappeared onto the rooftops.

As I ran across the rooftops I realized I had forgotten to grab my weapons so all I had was my throwing daggers that stayed in my boots. The pain in my back and leg got excruciating before I even made it out of town but I remained silent after every jump and landing and remained unseen.

As soon as I got far enough out of town I climbed up into the fullest tree I could find and waited. While I was waiting one of Eloan’s men came by and spotted me so I just threw one of my daggers at him and luckily it hit him in the throat so he bled out quickly. Faeron, Denyse, and Jarret came ten minutes after that. Faeron grabbed my throwing dagger and then I got down on the lowest branch. I hung down and Faeron smiled at me and walked over.

“I was so worried about you.” He said as he helped me out of the tree.

“You do not need to worry about me.” I answered sounding cockier than what even seemed possible.

“We cannot make it all the way to my dad’s house with you like this.” He said as he brushed a strand of hair out of my eyes.

“My house is not that far from here.” I stated with a huge sigh because I already knew it was going to be upsetting for me.

“Are you ready for that though?” He asked looking into my eyes and handing me back my dagger.

“I cannot run from the past forever, we should be able to make it there by night.” I stated as I took my dagger and started walking.

They followed me and eventually they all got right next to me, even though I stayed quiet the entire time. I was right though we made it there right as soon as it got dark.


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