Shyria (9th)

We woke up to a knock on the door. Faeron put his pants on quickly and ran to go check it. He did not open the door wide enough for them to see the clothes strewn all over the room and for that I was grateful. Almost as soon as he opened it Neinna collapsed on the floor. She had blood all over the front of her dress. Faeron tossed me my clothes and I got dressed quickly while he carried her out to the couch. Faeron saw his father standing by the front door and immediately he got a confused look on his face.

“Father are you not supposed to be at work?” He asked him.

“I had to talk to the elder about your girlfriend I just came back to get my stuff.” He stated as he ran over to Neinna. “What is going on?”

“I do not know she came and knocked on my door then she collapsed, she does not look good at all.” He answered.

“We need to find where she is bleeding from and try to wrap it up.” I stated. “We have to stop the bleeding and then we will try to wake her up and see what is going on.”

“It is her shoulder.” Faeron said as he ran for the room to grab bandages.

He ran back out and by that time Denyse and Jarret were awake also. Faeron ran out quickly and pulled her sleeve down so he could clean the wound. It looked like a stab wound, it was deep so he had to stitch it up also. When he had finished wrapping it up she finally spoke.

“Eloan’s men,” She muttered with her eyes barely open.

“They did this to you?” Faeron asked with a beyond angry tone is his voice.

“They know who she is.” She stated, still out of it.

“Mom we need to get you to a healer.” Faeron said.

“You need to protect her.” She stated. “They are coming. They want a war. They won’t stop until she is dead.”

Right then there was a knock at the door so I jumped onto the counter and then jumped up into the trusses of Sohns roof. Faeron answered the door as soon as I was hidden. I watched as the three guards that attacked me in the woods walked into the house along with three more that I had never seen before. My heart was pounding and my body filled with rage.

“We are raiding the city no one is allowed in or out of their houses, or out of the city.” The first guard said. “Now if you’ll excuse us we need to search the premises.”

They moved into the rooms and we could hear as they thrashed them. They came back out into the front room and one of the guards seemed to recognize Neinna. He walked up to her and as he moved to push her hair out of her face so he could get a better view of her I recognized his gauntlets since they still had blood on them from when he smacked me across my face.

“Did we just speak to you?” He asked.

“Yes you did.” She answered in an extremely weak voice.

“Why are you here?” He questioned.

“I was on my way to see my son when you attacked me.” She answered.

“Or you came to warn them.” The first guard stated as he walked up to her and drew his sword.

“You will not touch her.” Faeron said as he ran over to the one that drew his sword.

“You are committing treason against the Queen. That is death without trial you know that. Step down before I kill you.” He said.

“She is no queen.” Faeron said as he threw the guard up against the wall by his throat. “She never was.”

Right then I realized Denyse ran off when I did and she had just barely come out with all our weapons. The guards were all after Faeron now. Denyse tossed him his sword and same with Jarret. Faeron threw the guard that he had into the corner by the front door.

Two of the guards were fighting Faeron now and the one he had just thrown into the corner was trying to sneak up behind him. Jarret and Denyse were both fighting and Sohn was pinned up against the wall.

I jumped down from the trusses and ran up and punched him right in the nose before he could even realize I was there. He shook it off quickly though so I roundhouse kicked him across his face. Luckily Denyse had brought my weapons out too so as he fell to the ground I ran over and grabbed my swords.

By the time I had my weapons they realized who I was and three of them were after me.  Two of them grabbed me from behind and the other came running at me with his sword drawn. I jumped into the air and did a backflip while the two were holding onto my arms. I pushed them both into the one that was running at me and they all fell to the ground but they quickly got back up. I grabbed three of the throwing knives out of my boot and threw one at each of them hitting all three of them in the throat. All the guards lay on the floor either bleeding to death or already dead by this point.

“You should have just stayed up there.” Faeron said as he came running up to me.

“I am fine.” I said not realizing how bad that jump made my leg hurt until then.

“I could have handled it.” He said as he caught me from collapsing onto the floor from the pain.

“I am alright; it is just a sharp pain.” I answered, smiling because of how relieved I was that he was ok. “It will go away in a second.”

“Faeron,” Jarret started. “They are attacking the entire city.”

“Stay here?” He questioned looking at me.

“Why? I can take care of myself just fine you saw that.” I asked, getting a little irritated at him.

“Because someone needs to look after my mother.” He answered lying about it.

“That is not the real reason why will you not just tell me?” I questioned.

“I cannot stand to see you get hurt anymore.” He basically snapped at me with a look of aggravation in his eyes. “I love you and I am not going to risk losing you; please just stay here. I’ve seen you get hurt enough already.”

“I will stay.” I answered looking at the floor smiling about the fact that he finally told me how he felt.

They all ran out of the house except for Sohn. He ran over to Neinna as soon as everyone left. She smiled at him and then at me. I walked over and sat in a chair that was somewhat by the couch but it was facing the kitchen window so that I could see what was going on outside. I saw out of the corner of my eye that Sohn had grabbed Neinna’s hand and held it up to his lips kissing it multiple times.

“I love you Neinna.” He said under his breath as a tear fell from his eye.

“I love you too.” She answered as she brushed his hair out of his face.

“When this is all over we can finally live together again.” He said as he sat her up slightly and then slid himself under her and then laid her back down so her head was on his lap. “You’ll never get hurt again.”

As I watched Sohn run his fingers through her hair I realized that they were not separated because they wanted to be, they had to be. My eyes filled with tears as I watched the romance of the moment. I wondered why they had been separated if they were happy together. Sohn kissed Neinna on the forehead and then I just had to ask.

“Why do you two live away from each other if you two still love each other?” I asked.

“I had to keep my son safe.” Neinna stated.

“So why did you both not go?” I questioned still confused.

“Well when the castle got raided and everybody got killed there were two bodies missing. We both had hoped that it was someone that would be able to take the throne or possibly Marrialli.” Sohn started. “I stayed here in hopes that maybe Marrialli would show up, and Neinna travelled into the mountains to protect Faeron. It was very difficult at first I missed her dearly and my boy, but when Eloan is off the throne we can finally be happy again. That thought alone kept me going.”

“How long has it been?” I asked.

“Almost fourteen years.” He answered looking at Neinna. “It seems so much longer though.”

I could not really say anything after that because it all seemed like somehow it was my fault that they were apart. I felt horrible but in the end it made me hope that it was like this for me and Faeron. I loved him and I hoped that we would still be as much in love after we spent our lives together as we were now. Neinna and Sohn were perfect for each other and I want it to be that way with Faeron and me.

It had started to get late and Sohn had carried Neinna into his room so that she could get some rest. I decided to go into Faeron’s room and cleaned it up for him and then moved back into the front room. Sohn came back into the front room a few minutes after that with a look of sorrow in his eyes. He looked as if he was ready to cry. He plopped down on the couch with a huge sigh.

“Is she alright?” I asked fully knowing that he was upset over Neinna.

“Yeah she is going to be fine; I just hate her being in pain like this.” He stated. “It is almost like I can feel all of it.”

“Where is mom?” Faeron asked as he walked through the door.

“I put her in my bed because she got tired and the couch is not all that comfortable.” He answered.

I saw blood running down his arm as he walked over to me. He had a gash in his arm but it was not so deep that he needed stitches. He sat down in between my legs and I could tell he was worn out. Sohn brought in a glass of water and bandages and handed it to him.

I took the bandages from him and started wrapping his arm up. He had the entire glass of water gone by the time I was done wrapping it which did not take very long at all. Denyse and Jarret came in the door right after that.

“The elder is pissed.” Denyse said as she and Jarret sat down on the couch.

“Why?” Faeron asked.

“They took three more women and she got word from the dwarven that they are taking their women too.” Jarret answered. “And three other elven camps also.”

“They cannot just walk on us forever.” I said as I stood up. “They want me that bad, let them try to take me.”

“Where are you going?” Faeron asked as I started for the door.

“They want a war, I will give them one.” I said as I walked out the door.


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