Shyria (12th)

We walked around quietly, looking for animals. We walked for maybe twenty minutes before we came across a mountain lion. I stood there with the arrow drawn back but my hands kept shaking. Faeron came up behind me though and steadied my aim. He pulled the arrow further back while holding my hand on it and then told me to release it.

“You have never used a bow before, have you?” He asked as we walked up to see if the mountain lion was dead.

“I have not; my grandpa was an expert with them though from what I was told.” I answered. “I have always just stuck to my throwing knives and my swords.”

“Well,” He started as he walked up to the mountain lion and cut its throat, picking it up and throwing it over his shoulders afterwards. “It is actually not all that hard to learn.”

“So teach me then.” I answered glancing over at him.

“I guess I will.” He answered with a huge sigh and then a big smile.

“That is what I thought.” I said jokingly  as we started walking again.

About forty minutes later we came across a bear. It was a pretty big bear though so he pulled out his bow with me. He looked at me and laughed as I did the same stance he did.

“Well you have got the stance right, pull the arrow as far back as possible and straighten your index finger out and use it to aim.” He stated. “Release the arrow when you have it all the way back and aimed. Try hitting it where my arrow hits.” He added as he released his arrow.

“Ok.” I said as I aimed the arrow and then released it.

It hit right next to where his arrow hit. I could not help but smile. He walked up to the bear and cut its throat just like he did with the mountain lion. He threw it over his shoulder on top of the mountain lion.

“This is getting heavy, I will run it back down to the leather worker and then I will be back up.” He said and then ran down the hill.

I kept walking around the mountain and then I found a little spring so I climbed into a tree and waited for animals to come by. It took a little over an hour and a half for Faeron to come back and find me. By then I had killed two wolves a deer and another mountain lion. I had another deer in my sight and I believe that was how he found me because he had no clue where I was until the deer fell to the ground.

“Well, you are good at hunting.” He said as he leant against the tree I was in.

“That is not a bad thing, is it?” I asked as I jumped out of the tree.

“No it is not, but now you are going to have to help me carry everything down.” He said with a smile as he walked up to me and kissed me quickly.

We walked and picked up all the animals I had killed. Faeron only let me carry the two wolves down the mountain.  We got back and the rest of the hunting group was skinning the animals they had killed. Faeron ran and grabbed two chairs and two skinning knives and then came back.

We sat down and started skinning them. They had a bag for each group to put their skins in.  We did not get done with it until it was night. They had used the meat from the animals to make dinner for everyone. It was kind of nice even though it was pretty gross. Our bag of skins was overflowing when we gave it to the leather worker. He thanked us and we headed back to the house. We sat outside and just stared at the moon.

“So that was really your first time hunting?” He asked out of nowhere.

“I never said that.” I answered. “It was my first time using a bow.”

“Well you were amazing.” He said as I leant against him.

“Thank you.” I said, smiling and blushing.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you look in the light of the full moon?” He asked.

“No why?” I asked.

“Because you are absolutely gorgeous.” He answered kissing my forehead.

“Thank you.” I said, turning away so that he could not see how bad I was blushing.

“I need to get some rest I am supposed to help the blacksmith tomorrow.” He said as he stood up and helped me stand up.

We walked into the house and into the room. We both just lied down on the bed. He put one of his arms under my neck and the other one just rested on my hips. He started running his fingertips up and down my thigh. He kissed me on the cheek shortly after that but I was already half asleep.

Four days later we all got woken up before the sun even came up. The southern elves had arrived so we were getting to work as early as possible. They did not let us pick what we were going to do they assigned us to jobs. Denyse and I got assigned to finding herbs in the forest.

“So anyways…” She started after a few hours of picking the herbs. “You and Faeron seem to be dealing with everything.”

“Yeah, we are just making the best of it.” I answered.

“Where have you been sneaking off to the last few nights?” She asked.

“Well I train when I have got stuff on my mind so I have been just in the woods practicing with my swords.” I answered almost amazed that she knew I was leaving.

“Well did it help you any?” She asked.

“Sort of I figured out that if my swords were combined into one two ended sword I would actually be able to maneuver better.” I stated.

“Faeron and Jarret are working with the blacksmith today so why not ask them to do it for you so that it will stay together for the battle?” She asked. “It is almost lunch time anyways and all we have to do today is fill our bags and that is already done.”

“That is a good idea.” I answered as we starting walking back to the city.

“So what do you think about when you are out there by yourself?” She asked.

“Just my future and my kingdoms future, I wonder about what would happen if things do not go right and I do die in the war, or if I lose Faeron in the war.” I started.

“You know I feel bad for you.” She stated sounding hesitant and sympathetic.

“Why?” I asked, laughing a little.

“Well you find someone that you love more than anything else in this world and you cannot even be with him.” She started. “It is cruel no one should have to go through that. And poor Faeron, he has been so broken up about it. When he wakes up in the morning and you are not there his whole world comes crashing down because he knows that he is going to have to get used to it eventually. I have never seen him like this with a girl before.”

“I try my hardest not to think about that but honestly I spend most my time hoping that the guy I am supposed to marry is dead or that they cannot find out who it is.” I said with tears welling up in my eyes. “I would rather fall off the face of the earth than have to live the rest of my life without him. I love him more than life itself. It is hard to breathe when he is not with me. My chest feels like someone is holding me down and digging their knees into my lungs every time I think about it. ”

I heard something rustling in the bushes behind us and drew my swords. I turned around quickly and waited for something to attack but nothing came out. I walked up to the bushes and started kicking them hard just in case there was someone in them. Jarret came rolling out of the last bush I kicked and Denyse and I started laughing.

“Did you have to kick so hard?” He asked rubbing his chest with a pain filled smile.

“I am sorry.” I said still laughing as I helped him to his feet. “Why were you hiding in the bushes anyways?”

“We were going to surprise you two with lunch in the forest.” He answered still rubbing his chest where I kicked him.

“Yeah we thought it would be romantic and camp is overflowing right now anyways.” Faeron said as he jumped out of the tree right next to us.

“Hey I am the only one that gets to jump out of trees to scare people, that is my move.” I said playfully pushing him.

He grabbed me by my arm and pulled me to him with a grin on his face. He kissed me and then he led me to the place in the forest that we were going to eat at with Denyse and Jarret right behind us. We all sat down and the guys laid out a sheet and pulled bowls with food in them out of the backpack that Faeron had on his back.

“So how long were you guys listening to us?” Denyse asked as they set the food out.

“Not that long.” Jarret answered with the look that a child would have when they got in trouble.

“Long enough.” Faeron whispered in my ear.

I blushed because that meant he knew what I had said about us. I do not know why I was so embarrassed of it when it was the truth. I knew he cared about me too and I had no reason to be blushing. We just sat there and ate until Jarret said something that irritated Denyse. Then we just sat there and watched her tackle him to the ground and pin him there for a while.

“We have got to get back to work.” Faeron said to Jarret when Denyse had finally let him back up.

“Yeah, you two are probably going to be late.” Jarret agreed.

“We are done we finished our work for the day.” Denyse said mockingly towards Jarret.

“Oh Faeron,” I started. “I need to ask you a favor?”

“Anything for you.” He answered holding my hand as we walked back towards the town.

“Can you combine my two swords so that there is a blade on each end?” I asked. “I move better with it like that and leather straps will not hold in a battle.”

“I can do that, especially for you.” He said with a smile.

We got back to camp shortly after that and I handed him my swords. We kissed and Denyse and I walked off to drop of the bags of herbs with the elder. We gave them to her and she just sent us back to the house to relax because we would be leaving in the morning to go talk to the dwarven king. It did not help that they were having a celebration later that night to welcome the southern elves. We both retreated into our rooms and fell asleep we were so exhausted.


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