Sorry to be gone so long everyone

I’ve been gone a long time sorry I’ve been working, then got really sick then went back to work and was spending all my free time or what little I had on finishing my Pirate book. To show you how sorry I am I will summarize my pirate book for you. It’s called stealing a pirate’s heart.


Ayden is the Captain of a ship and he’s very stubborn alright let’s get that out right now. Chrissie is his newly hired servant, she had never left her house before then but she is very kind. (Yes I know very different than most female characters of mine that kick major butt)

Well Ayden believes that pirate’s can’t fall in love and refuses to allow himself to get close to any women until he meets Chrissie. He fights with his feelings for her and even denies them but eventually he gives up on lying to himself. His first mate doesn’t help him much by pestering him about how he needs to settle down.

Chrissie on the other hand is happy to be out of the confines of her abusive drunken father’s walls. She is more beautiful than she ever thought. She didn’t want to fall in love because all she knew was how abusive her father was towards her and her mother. She didn’t want that for herself. Unfortunately the man she is working for is really attractive and she just can’t take her eyes off of him.


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