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Mutiny of the Heart, Sequel to stealing a Pirate’s Heart

Since I have hit over a hundred likes on here and facebook I am going to post a small excerpt of the second book in the stealing a pirate’s heart series, before any editing is done. so here it is



Cassie stood on the quarter deck enjoying the breeze flowing through her medium auburn hair. It had been a rough voyage this time around considering that when they got to their destination all the loot was gone. She was very angry about it and had no problem lashing out at the crew about it.

“Batten down the hatches boys and bring it in on the starboard side, do it handsomely ye hear, I want to see me father sometime today.” She yelled at the crew. She jumped down from the quarter deck then, which she could have just as easily taken the stairs.

Cassie was beautiful and she knew it well. She looked like her mother just her red hair was darker and her eyes were hazel. Unfortunately she was stubborn like her father. All the other crews they ran into treated her like a wench so she had to be like her father.

She looked out over the beautiful glimmering ocean to the shore by her father’s house. She smiled at what she saw and dove off the end of the ship. “Grandfather.” She said as came up out of the water. “I missed ye.” She added as she embraced him.

“I missed ye too dear.” Riker returned hugging her back tightly. “Ye need to remember that white shirts be see thru when ye get them wet though lass.” He added with a grin.

“Aye, I better go get changed before me father sees me.” She said with her cheeks turning red. She barely ever paid attention to what she was wearing because she didn’t really care. “He’s always so worried about me jumping into the water. Will ye join us for dinner tonight?” She asked excitedly.

“Of course dear, I haven’t seen ye in months; even Ol’ Davey Jones himself couldn’t keep me from going.” He answered. “Now hurry up and get changed before the crew sees ye like that.”

“Alright grandfather. I’ll see ye at dinner.” She said as she kissed his cheek and ran off towards her father’s house.

She walked into the house quietly hoping to be able to change before her father saw her. “Cassie be that ye?” Ayden asked from in the kitchen.

“Shit.” She said under her breath she knew she would be in trouble for it. “Aye father.” She answered hoping he would let her go change.

“Come here Cassandra I got someone I want ye to meet.” He said.

“Aye father.” She said crossing her arms over her chest. She walked into the kitchen nervously, making sure she was covering herself pretty good. She hoped it wasn’t another man that he picked for her to marry.

“Cassie dear this be Austin.” Ayden said as soon as she walked into the kitchen. His face had barely aged since she was a child and he barely had a few strands of grey hair.

She looked over at the guy that her father was introducing to her. He had long dark brown hair that was pulled back into a ponytail and his eyes were a grey blue color. They were the shade of the ocean during a storm, they were almost hypnotic. He was leant up against the counter and had his arms crossed with a really attractive smile on his lips. He had a muscular build and stood about the same size as Ayden maybe an inch or two shorter at least six foot tall. He was very attractive.

He was nothing like the guys he usually brought for her to meet. The guys her father wanted her to meet were all really wealthy and most the time scrawny. This guy was dressed in the clothes of a pirate. His black trousers were tucked into black boots and he wore a red long sleeve shirt with a sheath and a sword tied around his waist.

“Austin will be accompanying ye on the ship.” Ayden said. “Just to help ye run it and help keep the crew in line.”

“Father I can run the ship meself I have been for over a year now.” Cassie protested angrily throwing her arms down in a fit. She quickly crossed them again stubbornly as her cheeks turned red.

“Ye can’t even remember not to jump in the water with a white shirt on.” Ayden returned raising his voice slightly. “Cassie I already lost yer mother I don’t want to lose ye too.”

“Fine, Whatever.” She said and ran off, stubbornly, up to her room to change.

“Go get changed for dinner lad. Ye can escort ‘er down.” Ayden said to Austin and then walked out of the kitchen.