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Stealing a Pirate’s Heart finished version’s excerpt


Stealing a Pirate’s heart is a compelling story By me 🙂

The story follows Ayden, a hardcore captain of a pirate’s ship, and Chrissie, A woman who has lived a hard, confined life.




 Here’s an excerpt



Ayden stood on the captain’s deck looking out over the sea.  He watched the land come into view, they’d been out on the water for over two months.  After the voyage they’d had, Ayden looked forward to a couple of hours with a mug of ale and a wench under him.

The storm they just sailed through was one of the worst he had seen.  Water flooded the ship so bad that he and the crew had to shovel it off the deck and out of the cabins.  They had to rescue three of the men from the sea and barely saved them before the whirlpool could suck them down.  The ship he was proud to call his, stood valiant through the storm, as the waves had reared up from the sea to do battle with anything that stood in the way.  The ship stayed fierce through storm just as he and his crew did.  The ship stood twelve feet above the water at the top of the shortest mast and the crow’s nest, which was the highest  point on the ship, stood tall, between fifteen and twenty feet.  He was as proud of his ship as he was of his crew, sometimes even a little more.

Ayden was six foot two, with broad shoulders that tapered down into a lean waist.  His hair was dark brown and laid upon his shoulders when he didn’t tie it back.  He had a face the lasses loved and the men hated.  Ayden was feeling restless.  He looked forward to going home.  They could have gone straight there but his crew needed to blow off some steam and what better way than in a tavern.  That put a smile on his face.  After the stop, it would be back to the sea to head for home.  A loud voice brought Ayden back from his musings.

Looking down to the deck of his ship, Ayden spotted Riker yelling at the crew.

Riker was Ayden’s first mate on the ship and the closest thing to a father he had.  He’d raised Ayden from five years old until he reached manhood.  Riker was tough on him when he needed to be and soft when the situation called for it.

As Ayden watched Riker, his thought back to the day when Riker stepped into the father role.

He’d hidden below deck when the fight had started.  His father had told him to stay in the cabin, out of the way.  He stayed hidden until most of the noise had died down, then he walked to the door of the cabin and opened it to see if anyone was in the walkway.  After seeing no one, he headed for the steps that would take him above to the deck.  He stopped in the opening and just stood there.

Ayden was standing as still as possible in the entranceway to the deck watching as Riker cleaned the wound on his father’s chest.  He stood stiff and no matter how much he willed his body to move; it wouldn’t relent.  He wanted to cry out but his body’s system refused to allow it.  He knew he had to be strong, just as his father told him time and again.  He continued to watch as Riker fought to save his father’s life.  He didn’t exactly know what he was feeling, but his mind was racing and his stomach was turning as he looked on to what seemed to be a losing battle for Riker.  He watched his father take his last breath, not a single tear fell even though he wanted nothing more than to go back to the cabin to cry in his pillow.  He wouldn’t though because pirates were to be tough, strong, and ruthless or the sea would swallow you whole.

Riker stood and spoke to him, but Ayden was barely listening, even as he answered Riker, he wasn’t aware of his reply.  All he did was stand there, transfixed with his father’s limp and lifeless body.

From that day forward, Riker took Ayden under his wing and was very good to Ayden in all the aspects of his life.  He taught him everything he’d needed to know to be the captain of his father’s ship.  Riker never let a day pass without teaching Ayden something new.  At the age of thirteen, Ayden could hold a sword like any of the other crewmembers and by sixteen, he was able to win against them.  He trained long and hard, barely made time for himself, while he learned everything possible to ready him to take over his father’s ship.  Ayden was very grateful for everything Riker did for him.  Ayden took over the ship when he was seventeen and they named it ‘Dane’ after Ayden’s father.  The crew respected Ayden but they never feared him.  They were called foolish by other crewmen from different ships.  They were his only family and up until he was in his early twenties, they’d spent their days on the ship and their nights in a tavern.  

Then he had a house built on some land his father had purchased.  The house was of use for when the chilling winters came around and the sea turned mean.  He thought about the night he lost his father often, but the memory of his mother he could never force through, he had been young when she’d passed.

The memories still bothered Ayden even though that particular memory was still fuzzy to him after all this time.

He yelled at the crew as he came out of his thoughts and memories.

“Drop thy anchor ye ol’ sea dogs, do it handsomely ye hear!” he yelled and then walked down from the quarterdeck, enjoying the breeze flowing through his hair.

When the shipped anchored, the crew sent up a cheer, all seemed to look forward to the tavern and the company of whatever women they found to lie in their beds.





Ayden walked into the tavern with the crew following behind him.  The crew was loud and obnoxious, shouting crude comments at the women as soon as they got inside.  Ayden scouted around for the best-looking wench in the tavern, while he leaned his back up against the wall so he could face the entrance.  He liked to be aware of everything around him.  He knew he had enemies because he was the most wanted pirate on the sea.  The women wanted him and the guards barely knew of him, let alone where to find him.  He was safe from the gallows and had all the women any man could ever want.  However, there was something missing in his life and he couldn’t pinpoint what.

He spotted a pretty woman with jet-black hair, long legs incased in fishnet stockings, breasts spilling out of their confines, and plump lips made to bring pleasure in many ways.  Several of which Ayden had on his mind, but first things first.

As the lass walked toward Ayden, he stopped her.  “Wench, get me a mug of ale,” he said, smiling charmingly at her.  “Why don’t ye get one for yerself too?” he added, handing her some coin and stared at her as she turned to go fill his request.

She walked away with a smile on her face.  She knew what was to come.  Every wench in the tavern knew of Ayden, either by rumor or intimately.  He frequented the taverns on a regular basis when he was on land.  It was said that he treated the wenches with care, unlike some of his crew.  Maggie knew it was finally going to be her turn with him tonight and she was looking forward to the opportunity to experience the expertise of the captain, first hand.  Instead of having to hear the other wenches talk about him.

He never felt anything for the women he slept with.  Never wanted to, he’d just have his way with them and leave.  He didn’t need anything tying him down to land, when everything he wanted was on the water this wench was no different, other than in looks.  It was the way he liked it and wanted it to stay that way.

The wench came back with his ale and Ayden tossed it back in a few swallows.  Setting the mug down he looked toward Maggie and asked, “Ye know what me looking for, so drink up and let’s move.”

“Yes, Captain, you and all the rest in this place,” Maggie replied as she in turn tossed back her mug of ale.

He glanced back at the crew as he led her up the stairs to the rooms.  He could see the disapproval on Riker’s face from the corner of his eye, so he looked back to the wench and continued up the stairs.




The tavern was in decent shape, but always seemed filthy to Riker.  It was not the place though, somehow, it was the people who frequented the tavern that made it seem filthy.  Considering that most of them were his crew, just made it that much sadder.

The tavern, made out of wood and lanterns, held the only light.  It normally wasn’t this busy, but with the entire crew here, it filled quickly.

Riker watched as Ayden charmed the best-looking wench at the tavern, as the crew disrespected the rest of them.  They always came to The Jolly Roger Tavern just before they would head home.  This tavern was a bit better to the pirates and didn’t call the guards at first sight of them.

Riker was shocked they still allowed them there, since the crew was so rude.  They would smack the women on their backsides and grab at them.  It was disgusting behavior for grown men and that’s not including all the vulgar things they would say to them.  However, he guessed that is what people said of him in his younger days.  To Riker it seemed like an eternity from when he was young.  Riker shook his head as Ayden led a wench into a room up the stairs.  It was disappointing to watch time after time.

Although Ayden was a good man, he was stubborn and wouldn’t allow himself to get too close to anyone.  Riker was the only one he would ever talk to about anything.  He knew it was because he lost his father at such a young age and hadn’t even really known his mother.

Riker had raised him since he was only a child, until he was old enough to run his father’s ship.  He had hoped to teach him to be caring and better than all the other pirates he met, but even though he was kinder to women than his crew was, he never allowed himself to get too close with one woman.  He understood to a point because the sea seemed to be a wife to all of them, no room for another, but Riker had seen it work with the right woman.  Ayden’s father had truly loved his mother more than the sea because Riker knew he died just as much from a broken heart as he did from his injuries that day.

Riker wondered if any of his behavior with the lasses was due to losing his mother at such an early age.  Then he lost his father not long after that too.  Riker had no problem remembering the day he lost his best friend.

Riker could hear the sounds of the swords and the groans from the injured men.  They lost a lot of the original crew in that fight.  He told the Captain to flee, but Riker knew why he didn’t, it was the same ship as the one that killed the love of his life.  The one, as of now, was taking his life as well.             

He looked up at his Captain, as the man collapsed to the floor of the deck.  Riker moved forward to get to him.  Upon reaching the Captain’s side, he realized the man had stopped breathing.  He bent to mop at the blood, as he started hollering for the crew.  He began compressions to his chest, after a few minutes he gave up—heart had stopped.  He turned to see Ayden standing in the doorway.  The poor boy looked as pale as humanly possible.

Riker knelt down to the boy’s size.  “Ayden lad, me sorry,” Riker said.  “Looks like me gonna take care of ye now.”  He was shocked at how calm the little boy was.  “Me hope yer alright with it.”

“It’s what me father would have wanted,” Ayden answered, not even sounding as if he was going to cry, as he should have.  “He would want me to be strong like was he.”

Riker watched as the boy just stood answering him, but never taking his eyes off his father’s body.

“That me boy,” Riker said with a comforting grin, as he tousled the boy’s hair.

A woman’s shout brought Riker out of his thoughts.  Shaking his head at his crew’s behavior, he rose out of his chair and headed for the door.  Riker left the tavern not wanting to watch the crew anymore and headed back to where the rowboats were tied.  He took one back to the Dane.




Riker sat on the deck of the ship waiting for Ayden to come aboard, since he knew as soon as he was done with the wench he would come back.  He never stayed over—ever.

After sitting on the steps for what seemed like an hour, even on this beautiful night, Ayden climbed up the rope ladder.

“Riker, why ye still up, we be riding back to the house tomorrow, ye know it be a long ride,” Ayden said with a smile.

“Why ye still foolin’ with the wenches, Cap’n?” Riker questioned with a grin.  “Yer still young, ye can find someone ye don’t need to coin to lay in ye bed.”

“Aah.  That why yer still up,” Ayden said as he leant against the rail.  “Ye already know the answer to it, Riker.  Me don’t want to get close to a woman.  Me rather have me way with ‘hem and be done, ye should know that.”

“Cap’n, when ye gonna realize that loves a strength not a weakness?” Riker argued.

“When ye goin’ to realize that me heart belongs to the sea, just as every other pirate’s heart does?” Ayden said, crossed his arms, and walked off to his cabin to retire for the night.






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Almost finished

I am almost finished with the rough draft of vixen so I will go ahead and give you all an excerpt right now




She laid on the bed seductively, smiling as he climbed on top of her. He grabbed at her breast playfully as he kissed her neck. He was stumbling and sloppy, just as drunk as she liked them to be. He ran his hand in between her legs and rubbed her through her jeans. He kissed her neck but when he went to kiss her lips she turned her head. He started to unbutton her jeans but she pushed his hand away. She walked into the bathroom and waited a few minutes then went back out surprised that he wasn’t sleeping. She climbed on top of him and unbuttoned her shirt so her breasts were practically hanging out of her shirt. He started to kiss her chest and she grabbed her gun and hit him in his temple with the butt of it.

She slipped away from the guy she just knocked out cold and grabbed his wallet as she left the room to find her one companion waiting for her. She took the money out of the wallet that she grabbed and threw it on to the ground. “Sissy why do you do that to everyone?” Her companion asked.

“Because Jacky once they are drunk enough the images of sex start to wear them out, it makes it a lot easier to take their money and run.” She answered in a soft voice.

“I thought you never slept with them.” Jacky answered questioningly.

“I don’t,” She stated bluntly. “I don’t ever sleep with them, and never kiss them, feelings get involved that way. I find men that are so drunk they will fall asleep before that happens or if they don’t fall asleep I usually just hit them hard enough to make them fall asleep. Then I make a break for it.” She answered as she walked down the stairs and out the door slipping away unnoticed.

“Alexis.” Jacky started. “What happened to you when you disappeared? All I ever see is pain in your eyes it was never like that before you were the strong one.”

“I still am.” She said as she grabbed the bag of stuff they ditched by the side of the hotel. “You’re the only one that gets away with calling me that.” She added.

“That’s another thing, why do you hate your name all of a sudden?” Jacky practically scolded.

Because he used to call me by that. She thought to herself. “I don’t want the people we rob to know my real name Alyce.”

“Ugh why did you just call me by my name then?” she questioned almost as angry as Lexy was when she called her by her real name.

“Let’s just go to the next bar.” Alexis answered and walked past Alyce making sure she followed her.

Lexy walked to the next bar that was only about fifteen minutes away. She walked up to the bar and yelled out. “Barkeep I want a whiskey with some coke.” She added looking around to see who was stumbling and so drunk that they wouldn’t remember anything.

Guest blogger Marquaylla Lorette

Hey guys my name is Marquaylla Lorette and I am a new author well almost a year in now and five and half books later. I am guest blogging on Jessica blog for the day thanks Jess.  I am going to post an excerpt from my new release that came out January 29th.   I just finished the second book in the series in a little under two weeks that is how much I love this book and the characters.  I hope you enjoy this excerpt if you have any questions you can leave them in comment or find me on facebook at marquaylla.lorette..

You can find the book at itunes and much more.  I have posted a couple of links for you below.Image

See ya hope you all have a wonderful week…





Jadelyn sat on her bed staring at her great, great grandfather Mase’s journal.  Something she always did when she doubted her ability of becoming Alpha of their Isle.  There was something about reading the accounts of the hardships her grandfather fought through and accomplished to become Alpha, it gave her the courage she needed to win the battle.  Jadelyn needed the courage more than ever now since the battle was just four days away and causing her nerves to get the best of her.

Jadelyn blew out a deep breath as she reached for the journal directly in front of her.  She had read the journal so many times that it opened right at her grandfather’s account of what happened when the humans hunted the shifters.

Before there was the Isle of Paradise, shifters lived in secret among the human race, until one fateful day when humans discovered them.  Hundreds of shifters lost their lives before they were able to escape to the Isle of Paradise.

Jadelyn turned so she was lying on her stomach and crossed her legs as she read the first lines.


The smell of fresh pines filtered through my senses as I opened the door to my cottage.  This was one of the reasons I loved living in the woods.  As I was taking deep breaths of the fresh air, I jumped a little as something bumped into the back of my leg.  For some reason, I had the urge to look outside even though I knew the layout of the land without having to look.  Over a hundred different cottages lay behind and at the sides of my cottage.  Trees surrounded us, making it hard to see anything in front of us or beside us. 

I looked down behind my back and noticed it was my pup bumping into the back of my legs as he tried to escape the house.  I waited until my mate was at his side before I stepped aside to let him pass.

I immediately shifted and took a huge sniff of the air as I stepped off the porch, when I heard the sound of leaves being crushed under a shifter’s paws as he or she ran rapidly through the woods right to us.  The scent of my Alpha hit my nose.  He smelled of his usual pine and rain, but this time mixed with fear.  The Alpha burst out of the woods and blew right past me before I could discover what was going on with him.  He must have brushed up against me when he ran past, causing a vision to assault my mind.  One of my powers was the power to see what someone else saw just from their touch.

My Alpha, Wyatt, was arguing with the merchant who was providing the supplies to build or expand our cottages and the new shifter, who joined our pack and bought acres of land in the forest we owned.  The merchant was telling Wyatt the price of the supplies was going up for us no matter how much business we brought him.  Wyatt became angry and started demanding the merchant lower his prices since he was only increasing the price on the “people who lived in the woods.”  Wyatt’s milky white skin started to turn redder the angrier he got.  As he started to approach Wyatt, the merchant yelled loud enough for the other merchants and shoppers to walk out of the stores.  A few of the merchants approached Wyatt to come to the merchant’s aide when Wyatt pushed him away from his face. 

I felt the panic Wyatt felt when he saw the merchants approach him while putting their hands on their guns as the guns rested in their holsters.

Wyatt shifted as they drew closer to him and roared, startling the merchants and shoppers.  The merchants and some of the shoppers pulled out their guns and shot at Wyatt as he turned and ran toward the forest.  The merchants, along with some of the shoppers, jumped into their cars with their weapons in an attempt to follow Wyatt. 

I snapped out of the vision and roared, alerting every kind of shifter in the woods to the danger we were about to face, since Wyatt didn’t, for some reason.  I could see him gathering his family and running out of the corner of my eye.

I am a wolf shifter, along with my Alpha and every shifter living in this part of the woods.  There are different kinds of shifters living in the front section of the woods, including bear, cat, lion, hyena, and many more.  My pack lived at the back of the woods with the other shifter packs spread out over the front of the woods.  For many centuries, every kind of shifter lived in the same woods to protect their identities from the humans.  The Alpha from each pack promised not only to alert the other packs of danger, but also to help when danger came near. 

I could hear heartbreaking roars after the sound of gunshots rang out.  My heart ached as I heard some of the families roaring after their loss.  I howled one last time telling them to follow my path as I gathered the rest of the wolf shifters and my pup and mate.  I picked up my pup in my mouth, and with my mate by my side, I led the rest of the wolf shifters to safety.  I felt the ground vibrating under my paws and knew the rest of the shifters were finally listening to me and following us.  My mate left clues behind through her powers so only a shifter could find their way.

I could still hear shots echoing throughout the woods and more growls.  I hoped we could get to the deserted airstrip thirty miles away without losing any more lives.  I spotted Wyatt and his family not even fifteen minutes later just a few feet ahead of us.  I wanted to kill him for bringing danger our way and then not having the courage to alert us of that danger.  He was also responsible for the lives we lost just as much as the humans were.

I ran past Wyatt with a second glance.  I knew we could outrun the humans and get to the airstrip without any more powers, especially since we were running through the woods.  My mate had already cast a spell on the airstrip where only shifters would be able to make their way there.  The ground began to shake as more and more shifters caught up to us.

After handing over my pup to my mate, I approached Wyatt to let him know how I felt about his actions.  I was a few seconds away from attacking him when my mate pulled me back and brought me back to reality.  We had to come up with a plan to get us out of the danger we were in now, instead of ripping apart the Alpha.  I paced the ground of the airstrip with the others, trying to come up with a plan to solve our problems.  I was just about to give up when a voice I didn’t recognize popped into my head.

‘Remember, you have the power to create a different land, Mase,’ a gruff voice said.  I am not really sure how it works exactly, but somehow my power creates a rip in the universe, which creates an isle.

“Everyone, listen up, I have a solution for our problems.  I have the power to create a different land for us to live on.  My powers will create an isle for us to live on.  The isle will be known as the Isle of Paradise, since shifters and other magical beings will only be able to find their way there.  We will not have to hide from the humans any longer.  Each pack will have their own side of the Isle, and each family will have their own business. 

“I would like for one person from each family to approach me with the business they would like.  Remember, the business will be passed down from generation to generation, so choose wisely,” I said as the shifters cheered.

The Alpha of my pack tried to step in and take over my plan, but everyone ignored him.  Each family approached me with a business their families could run, except one.  I asked that family to run the Isle of Paradise Police Department, since their whole family, except for the pups, worked as cops and detectives alongside the humans for many generations. 

I closed my eyes and concentrated on creating the Isle of Paradise, with businesses and homes for each of the families with us.  Paradise Construction would be building the new homes for the families who would later arrive on the Isle.

When I opened my eyes, there were two large planes big enough for all of us to fit in one trip.  Everyone boarded the planes without looking back.  Before the plane took off, my mate used her tracking power to help every magical being or shifter, when they were ready, find their way to the Isle of Paradise. 

Everyone rushed off the plane to see what the Isle looked like as soon as the plane landed.  The smell of fresh pines from the thousands of pine trees and salty ocean water blended and the scent assaulted my nose. 

Someone from the crowd shouted out, “I vote for Mase to become the Alpha since he found a solution to the problems Wyatt caused.  Not to mention saving us from the humans’ guns beforehand, instead of deserting all of us in order to save his own life.”

I could hear the rest of the wolf pack cheering in agreement and the other shifters roaring their approval as well.

“No, you don’t get a say in the vote.  You lost that right when you put us in danger and then didn’t even have the guts to alert us of that danger.  Instead, you gathered your family and left.  More of us would be dead if Mase didn’t have the vision he had and alerted us,” Wyatt’s first Beta said when Wyatt tried to overturn all their votes.  The second Beta and Head Enforcer quickly backed the first Beta.

“But he had all of you running from the humans instead of staying and fighting,” Wyatt said.

I had had enough of Wyatt.  He was always selfish and short tempered.  The only reason he was the Alpha was that the title passed down within his family from old generation to new generation.

“The only reason why I didn’t stay to fight was because we had already lost so many shifters, and I wasn’t putting our mates or pups in anymore danger than they already were in.  Everyone has voted.  I am the Alpha now.  You can either stand by the ruling, go back to the humans, or challenge me for it,” I said.

At the time, I felt as though I didn’t have what it took to be a good Alpha, but I knew Wyatt didn’t deserve to be Alpha anymore.  Therefore, I tried to be the best Alpha I could.

My mate must have been listening to my thoughts.  “Mase, you are wrong.  You already have what it takes to be a fantastic Alpha.  What you did back there was what an Alpha does, and you did it without thinking twice.  All you have to do is believe in yourself, and the rest will follow,” my mate said.

My mate always knew what to say and when to say it to me.  She grounded me in ways no one else could.

I growled, letting all the shifters know it was time to leave the airstrip and explore the rest of the Isle.  We spotted the businesses right away when we walked out of the airport.  There were businesses on either side of the street, painted all in different colors.  There was a wooded area, which backed up to the businesses and houses, large enough for shifters to run a few miles.  This section was for the Shifters. 

There were two other sections to the Isle, one for Witches and Warlocks, and the last section for all other Magical Creatures.  Each section had its own woods to roam.  Rare purple and gold flowers filled every wooded area on Isle of Paradise.  Two large oceans surrounded the Isle creating the scent I was learning to love.  Fresh pine mixed with salty ocean water.

I knew we would love this Isle for many years to come and so would the rest of the residents.



Jadelyn closed the book and her eyes and mumbled, “I believe in myself, I know I can win the battle,” as she drifted off to sleep.





Chapter One



Jadelyn sat in the bleachers in the Alpha Training Arena and closed her eyes in frustration as she thought about how her life had changed for the worse over the years.  The confidence she had in herself and her bravery had diminished when she learned she was a latent she-wolf and the whole Isle turned its back on her. 

She had already slowly started to give up after her mother had died in a mysterious car accident, and her best friend, Eli, had moved away the day after.  The two people she could tell anything in the world vanished out of her life, just in the span of a few days—and it crushed her.  Learning she was latent just put the poisonous icing on her already burnt cake.

Jadelyn still had her father, and they were close, but he didn’t understand her like Eli and her mother had.  She blew out a frustrated breath and gripped the handles on her seat tightly as she thought about everything else.  It felt as though someone was trying to take everything she had in life from her.  They couldn’t let her have just one positive thing in her life.  Sometimes she felt as though someone was watching her, but when she would turn around no one was there.  One night she heard leaves rustling outside of her window, and the sound of someone’s claws as they dug them into the side of the wall as they tried to climb up.  She knew they were trying to climb into her window since her room was the only one on that side of the house.  Jadelyn quietly climbed out of bed and alerted the Enforcers to what was going on.  By the time the Enforcers made their way outside, the would-be intruder was gone.  Two Enforcers now stand guard outside of her window every night.  Another time a couple of the Enforcers found bombs underneath the cars during one of their sweeps of the vehicles.  Jadelyn thought they were trying to make her remember the way her mother died, since her mother’s car had exploded, but the bombs the Enforcers found were not set to detonate.  Her father made sure she had someone with her at all times after those incidents.  Jadelyn just wanted to be able to take at least a walk around the block by herself but couldn’t since almost the whole Isle was after her because she was latent.  Thinking about it left her so fed up with everything.  She almost screamed as it played repeatedly in her head, until she realized she was in the Alpha Training Arena, waiting for her turn to practice for the Alpha Battle.  

Jadelyn is next in line to take the Alpha title when her father steps down, but since she is a latent shifter, the Isle shifters will not accept her as the next Alpha, so the Alpha Battle begins instead.

The Alpha Training Arena is where shifters who want to train for the upcoming Alpha Battle do so with the existing Alpha himself.  Everyone with Alpha blood in them gets a chance to participate in the training and battle. 

During the Alpha Battle, those who wish to become the new Alpha fight against each other: males against males and females against females, then finally the mates fight together.  The winner of the battles becomes the new Shifter Alphas of the Isle of Paradise.

Looking around the Alpha Training Arena, Jadelyn noticed everyone in the training room was sitting next to their mates, well, everyone except for her.  It made her really think about her own situation, which she normally tried to keep in the back of her mind.  She will be turning thirty tomorrow even though she still looked as though she was twenty-five, and yet, she still hadn’t found her mate, which was unheard of on the Isle of Paradise. 

Jadelyn was five foot eight with a curvy body most female shifters would die for.  She had long, black, shinny, curly hair, which glistened in the sun and bounced with every step she took.  To her, her best features were her caramel skin and piercing hazel eyes.  She knew it wasn’t because of her looks that her mate hadn’t shown himself to her since most guys still stopped and stared at her, even though they thought she was a freak.

 Without a doubt in her mind, she knew her mate was hiding from her because of her latency.  What she couldn’t figure out was how her mate was hiding his scent from her.  Male and female shifters both had a scent they produced that only their mates could detect after they reached a certain age, and they couldn’t turn the scent off.  As she thought more about it, she realized there was one way someone could hide their scent from their mate, but it was a bit dangerous to do so.  Witches were the only ones who could cast the spell to block the shifter’s mate from being able to scent them.  Well, there was one other possible reason she couldn’t find her mate anywhere, and it had to do with the Isle of Paradise.   

  Isle of Paradise consisted of shifters, witches and warlocks, and other magical beings only, since humans had no idea the Isle existed, which they wanted to keep it that way.  A handful of shifters and their families moved off the Isle to try to lead a normal life among the humans.  Maybe her mate moved off the Isle, or maybe he learned of her latency and hid his mating scent from her.  Between the two possibilities she came up with of why she couldn’t scent her mate, she would bet her life it was the latter one.

When she thought more about it, Jadelyn realized her mate could be down there training right now and she wouldn’t have any idea.  As she realized this, she didn’t want to be there anymore.  She wished she could stay home until it was her time to train, but her father wouldn’t let her because of all the threats made on her life.  Ever since her eighteenth birthday, when the shifters on the Isle of Paradise found out she was latent, Jadelyn had received death threats.  Many shifters on the Isle felt she was a weakness to her father since she wasn’t able to shift.  One man was bold enough to tell her father he should disown her and send her off the Isle, but her father wouldn’t do it; instead, he set an example out of the male shifter.  He thought by setting the example of the one man would get the others to steer clear of his daughter, yet it didn’t.  Since they felt she caused non-shifters to see them as the weaker species on the Isle, they set out to scare her away for what they thought was for the greater good of their Pack.    

One night after training with her father for the upcoming Alpha Battle, she found a bloody doll on her bed with her face on it.  The doll had pins sticking out of its chest, and its head bashed in with a note stuck to it.  The note, written in blood, said, You are next, watch your back because we are coming for you.  After seeing the note and the doll, her father never let Jadelyn be more than a few feet out of his sight—even though she was twenty-nine years old.  When she could talk him into letting her go out with her friends, he sends ten of his most trusted Enforcers with her.

Jadelyn thought back to her mother and Eli, when someone interrupted her.  “Jadelyn, it’s mine and Ace’s turn to train.  We will see you back at home,” her best friend, Chelsea, told her.

While Chelsea and Ace made their way toward the field, she reached down and pulled from her pink purse, a light snack, and the diary she received last year on her twenty-ninth birthday.  Her father bought her the diary when he noticed there were just some things she needed to tell her mother instead of him.  Jadelyn and her father were always close, but they became even closer after her mother’s death, even though he still didn’t understand her ways from time to time. 

 Her mother was killed in a car accident, along with her mother’s best friend.  Jadelyn always wondered what her and her father’s lives would be like if her mother had never died.

Jadelyn shook her head.  She couldn’t get caught up in thinking about her mother when it was almost her turn to train.  She needed a clear head when she was on the field.  After pulling open the bag of baby carrots, she popped one in her mouth and began writing to her mother in her diary.  Writing her mother always cleared her head and if this wasn’t a perfect time after thinking about her, she didn’t know when was.


Dear Mom,


I wish you were still here to help me through this terrible time in my life.  I found out who my true friends were on my eighteenth birthday.  I have not talked to Eli since the day after your and his mother’s deaths.  His parents’ tri-mate took them away the next day.  They haven’t been back once to visit his grandmothers in the eighteen years they have been gone.  I wish we were still friends, and he was here to help me through the Alpha Battle. 

You know since father is the Alpha the title was supposed to pass to me, well, it won’t now.  I hate that I am latent.  I wish I could shift.  Sometimes I hate myself and wonder what I have done to deserve being like this.  I promise I will become Alpha just to prove to them that I can do it.  They think just because dad is Alpha of the Pack that I will use that as an excuse to start at the top of the battle, but I am going to prove them wrong and start from the bottom, working my way up to the top.  Well, it is time for my training, Mom.  I will talk to you tomorrow morning.  Wish you were still here with me.