Almost finished

I am almost finished with the rough draft of vixen so I will go ahead and give you all an excerpt right now




She laid on the bed seductively, smiling as he climbed on top of her. He grabbed at her breast playfully as he kissed her neck. He was stumbling and sloppy, just as drunk as she liked them to be. He ran his hand in between her legs and rubbed her through her jeans. He kissed her neck but when he went to kiss her lips she turned her head. He started to unbutton her jeans but she pushed his hand away. She walked into the bathroom and waited a few minutes then went back out surprised that he wasn’t sleeping. She climbed on top of him and unbuttoned her shirt so her breasts were practically hanging out of her shirt. He started to kiss her chest and she grabbed her gun and hit him in his temple with the butt of it.

She slipped away from the guy she just knocked out cold and grabbed his wallet as she left the room to find her one companion waiting for her. She took the money out of the wallet that she grabbed and threw it on to the ground. “Sissy why do you do that to everyone?” Her companion asked.

“Because Jacky once they are drunk enough the images of sex start to wear them out, it makes it a lot easier to take their money and run.” She answered in a soft voice.

“I thought you never slept with them.” Jacky answered questioningly.

“I don’t,” She stated bluntly. “I don’t ever sleep with them, and never kiss them, feelings get involved that way. I find men that are so drunk they will fall asleep before that happens or if they don’t fall asleep I usually just hit them hard enough to make them fall asleep. Then I make a break for it.” She answered as she walked down the stairs and out the door slipping away unnoticed.

“Alexis.” Jacky started. “What happened to you when you disappeared? All I ever see is pain in your eyes it was never like that before you were the strong one.”

“I still am.” She said as she grabbed the bag of stuff they ditched by the side of the hotel. “You’re the only one that gets away with calling me that.” She added.

“That’s another thing, why do you hate your name all of a sudden?” Jacky practically scolded.

Because he used to call me by that. She thought to herself. “I don’t want the people we rob to know my real name Alyce.”

“Ugh why did you just call me by my name then?” she questioned almost as angry as Lexy was when she called her by her real name.

“Let’s just go to the next bar.” Alexis answered and walked past Alyce making sure she followed her.

Lexy walked to the next bar that was only about fifteen minutes away. She walked up to the bar and yelled out. “Barkeep I want a whiskey with some coke.” She added looking around to see who was stumbling and so drunk that they wouldn’t remember anything.


2 thoughts on “Almost finished

  1. G. B. Miller says:

    Nice teaser….definitely piques my curiousity.

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