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Mutiny Of the Heart( blurb and the links)

In book two of Stealing a Pirate’s Heart: Cassie is as stubborn as her father is but has the beautiful looks of her mother. When confronted with the opportunity to captain her father’s ship and make it her own, she jumps at the chance. Knowing the reasons behind this opportunity—thrills and saddens her.
Ayden, Cassie’s father is happy his daughter takes after him but worries for her safety, so begins the parade of men in the hopes she will marry and forgo piracy.
Austin is hired to be first mate on a pirate ship, only to find that his captain is a beautiful woman. Will he be able to do his job and keep his hands off the saucy little captain though? Only time will tell.
Warning: Sexually explicit content. M/Fshutterstock_130159100