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Excerpt from Arriani

The Rise of the Royal Elven

by Jessica Anderson


Arriani walked late in the afternoon when she realized she had no idea where she was going and really didn’t care.  She just wanted to be anywhere other than where she came from.  She came across a town, the name was familiar but she didn’t remember why.

She stopped to get supplies for her oncoming journey not realizing how hungry she was until then.  A man with white hair walked up to her, he had a long beard just as white as his hair and gave her a kind smile showing wrinkles and eyes that held wisdom that she wished to know.

“Dear, you have plenty of weapons, do you know how to use them all to their full potential?” he questioned.

“I am fairly good with my weapon mastery,” Arriani answered, almost insulted by his assumption.

“My name is Yuro and if you are any kind of swordsman you will know who I am,” he returned.

She bowed her head out of respect, then stood quickly.  “Master Yuro, I am good with my weapons but every swordsman worth their salt knows you are the best,” she answered quickly.

“My dear, I look in your eyes and I see pain, but what I also see is a fighter.  Take some time and think about training with me.  You hold a certain sparkle in the depth of your eyes and I would like an opportunity to see just how deep it goes.  Allow me to train you, with my skill and knowledge, you will one day supersede me,” he replied.

Arriani thought long and hard about what she wanted to do when she made the decision to spend her time away training.  She was glad she found the nice little village with the extremely talented swordsman, Yuro.  He was one of the greatest swordsman ever heard of.  She would be a fool not to take his offer.

“You honor me, Master, with your offer.  And I graciously accept,” Arriani answered, then bowed.Image

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