Please Reblog this, Let’s fight for our Country!

Please Reblog this, Let's fight for our Country!

Once again, the time has come to allow our youth to fight beside us for Their Future!
With the growing Loss of our Liberties, The constant miss directions, Government confusion of Our Rights… Ect.
I say, “Let the Children speak their minds” After all this is their Futures we are all talking about & risking! We as Adults are supposed to be protecting their future, Trying to make the World a better place for them. Instead, We are all just sitting around, Hoping things will get better or just ignoring whats going on in this Country & the World! Nothing is going to get better if we don’t fight for Our Rights, Our Liberties, OUR CHILDREN! Time & time again we have tried to rally together in Peaceful protest to let our Government & Obama know & understand where We The People are coming from. Yet, they ignore us… Thinking that they know whats best for not Only us but, The rest of the World as well.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I don’t know about the rest of you out there but, I’m So Sick & Tired of being Sick & Tired! We are the Human race & it is Time…. Time for All of the Children to stand up & fight With Us for what is RIGHTFULLY Theirs, Their Freedom, Their Future! Unless something happens Very soon, I’m afraid there won’t be a bright future for Our Children, Instead there will be a Government that tells us what to do & when to do it. There will not be any more Free will, Freedom of speech, The Right to keep & Bear Arms against a corrupt Government. We will be like puppets on strings awaiting our orders or suffer the consequences if you don’t do as your told when your told to do it!
We need to quit fighting each-other and start focusing on what the real problems are. The problems our Forefathers were so afraid were going to come about. With that fear, They made Our constitution, Declaration of Independence! Well….. It’s here people, knocking at our doors, daring us to try and do something about it as they sit in Luxury Laughing at our feeble attempts to make right what is so wrong with our Country. I thought this was America, where we are Free to practice Any Religion we want to, Not the Government & White Houses own Utopia! Who will benefit from Our Liberties being stripped away, from War & from Poverty? Two wrongs don’t make a right, so Why did Obama get a second chance? Amnesty, Voter Fraud, Lies, Corruption, Deception, & so much more. He (Obama) is a Wolf in human skin trying to make us believe he is leading us in a good direction, While behind our backs he is Destroying us, little by little and by the time we get wise to his deception… It will be too late.
So, to All of you Parents, Grandparent’s, Guardians.. Ect; (How many of you remember the 60’s?)
It is time to act! No child is stupid & if you give them a chance to speak their minds, you just might be surprised how much they know and what they can do about their Future. If just a quarter of the Children rally together in Peaceful protest, I believe they can make this World a better place for all of us!! I pray you all take this seriously & help to make this go Viral. It’s time to take a stand! What side are you on?
The song I would put with this is, We Are The World 1985 version Or The new version by The next Generation.



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