Youth too, Everybody reblog!

Youth too, Everybody reblog!

To The Youth Of The World
Unfortunately your Elders have fought & failed to restore America’s values for it’s youth. So I call to YOU… The Youth, to stand together with us & fight for your Liberties, Your’s & Our Future. This World belongs to you & without you, I fear America is coming to an End. We as adults can only do so much, & it seems that the Government, & White House Officials just ignore our pleas’s & laugh in our faces. They can ignore Us but, Not You! Because without you they have no ground to stand on. This is about Your Future, Your Constitutional Rights as Americans. Our Fore-Fathers created the Constitution & Declaration of Independence in fear that one day our Government would become Corrupted, & unfortunately that time has come, It is happening right Now! I’m not trying to scare you but, you should be scared. What is this Country going to be like when your older, when you have children of your own? The choice is Yours & Yours Alone! You can sit idle & watch as Your country crumbles in the hands of a corrupt Government Or You can do something about it. Show the World that we are Not Weak we are Not sheep being led to slaughter! We are a United People & I know that You the Youth can see whats going on & are willing to stand up & do what is Right…. Restore America back to the Greatest Country in the World! If just a quarter of you rally together in peaceful protest, They cannot & will Not use force, for if they did… I would think the Adults would Break out a level of crazy that would make their nightmares look like the happiest place on Earth! So, do your research, Learn all you can about whats going on in this Country & what Our Government is doing around the World. Write an essay, write a letter to Your Governor, State senate, congress, even the White House, call into talk shows (Radio & Television.) Let them know that we Will Not stand by & take this Anymore,We Want Our Country Back!! If, your letters don’t work, rally together around the Whit House, in Parks, on the street, make a stand where ever You think We can make a difference. I know that most of you think there is no point in doing this Or that there will be enough Other people doing this that We don’t need Your help. But We do, We need Everyone that cares about Our Country, Our Future, Our World, to take a stand & help make tomorrow worth waking up to. If you think that nothing will come of this….. Ask an Elder about the sit-in campaigns of the 1960’s, It worked back then & Will work even Better now!


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