Small Excerpt From A Friend’s New Release The Keeper


Cyrus walked into a town just to buy himself some food.  He was exhausted and could feel it all in his bones, but his hunger surpassed the exhaustion.  As he sat at the restaurant by himself he overheard a few of the villagers.  Master Aeron is headed here tonight trying to find the new keeper.  Oh really, are you going to try?  I don’t want to leave my family.  I might.  The villagers went back and forth talking about it, while they stood there not doing any of the work that they were supposed to.


Cyrus slowly ate until he heard one of the men say that he was coming from the east.  He grabbed what was left of his food and started walking east, he didn’t want to get too far from the village in case he missed him.  When he saw an old man, with silver white hair, yet no wrinkles on his face, just scars, he knew that was Master Aeron.


He approached him.  “Master Aeron.” 


The man just stared at him.  “I would like to train under you to become the next keeper.”  Cyrus continued seeing that he had gotten the other man’s attention.


“Show me what you can do then.”  His voice was demanding and insincere.


Cyrus pulled out two of his swords and carved through the trees with ease.  Only taking him a couple of seconds, he was able to turn and see Master Aeron’s eyebrow raise with curiosity.


“Tell me young man, what does it mean to be keeper to you?”  Master Aeron asked.


“Basically doing everything you can to obtain peace between the people, even if it means fighting for it.”  Cyrus answered.


“Name Please.”  He demanded.


“Cyrus.”  He answered.


“I would have thought you would be a woman with how you hide your face like one.”  Master Aeron returned.


Cyrus’s mouth dropped.  He didn’t even have a rebuttal for the old man’s insult to him.  He stared at him as he started walking away.


“Well are you coming along or what she-man?”