Oral surgery

Just so everyone is aware I have been gone due to a horrible tooth abscess that caused my entire left side of my face to swell. Yesterday I went in for them to pull the tooth after taking antibiotics. They had to cut my gums open to get the infection out. This is why my blog has gone so long without a new post (sorry for that) The dentist said it will take a few more days for me to recover and my face to go back to normal (Thank god its not going to stay this way forever) The procedure they did is considered an oral surgery and I’m not supposed to do much for a few days. This is why I am writing this to let you know I have not given up on my blog I’ve just been really sick.  On top of this post I will be releasing the next teaser for Shyria, I am back now and feel alot better.


nothing better to do.

Look at what the world has come to. The economy is going to shits and everyone just sits on blogs all day. you wanna know why the economy  is going so bad in America. Not to sound racist or anything but it’s because the mexicans that come here and work and then just send all or most of the money home. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that it is all mexicans or only mexicans it is all the people that work here in America but send the money elsewhere. And Obama Hes muslim wasn’t half Of America Against muslims before he came into the picture. I myself should be working on my next book but instead I am stuck on a blog all day just to try and get my sells up which this doesn’t seem to be helping at all.