Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains wording and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF

In book two of the Rise of the Royal Elven: Twenty years has passed and Lyali, now a young woman, finds herself answering for her father’s past. After a celebration in the past left her heart broken, she had taken refuge in the arms of another, only to be wondering would she meet him again. And when she does, it is placed on hold when a kidnapping takes precedence. She then embarks on a journey to rescue the kingdom with a distraction that could very well cost her, her life.
Dante after living a life full of adventure with his parents, finds himself unsure of what to do at the loss of the two of them. He leaves his home in search of a new beginning and when he finds it, circumstances out of his control could cost him it all.
Will Lyali save the kingdom or does she end up paying the price for father’s indiscretions? And Dante be able to

convince her she can trust him with her heart?


Captain Ayden From Stealing a Pirate’s Heart

Captain Ayden From Stealing a Pirate's Heart

Ayden spent his entire life at sea, losing his mother at a young age, then his father shortly after, he was taken in by his father’s first mate, Riker. Seeing the way the crew treated women he grew to be no better, ignoring the things Riker told him about love. He never thought love could be real, until She came along…

MUtiny of the heart is in editing stages

I finished the first round of editing with Mutiny of the heart already and Stealing a Pirate’s heart is out on paperback on Amazon now, so if you have been waiting for the paperback it’s there and available. Also reviews are always helpful to new and aspiring authors so do them a favor it only takes five minutes for a decent review.Image