Cleaning house

Has anyone realized that cleaning the house isn’t a one MAN job but it is a one Woman job?

who ever said that men our bettter than women. It takes like 3 men to clean a house but only one woman why is that 


nothing better to do.

Look at what the world has come to. The economy is going to shits and everyone just sits on blogs all day. you wanna know why the economy  is going so bad in America. Not to sound racist or anything but it’s because the mexicans that come here and work and then just send all or most of the money home. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying that it is all mexicans or only mexicans it is all the people that work here in America but send the money elsewhere. And Obama Hes muslim wasn’t half Of America Against muslims before he came into the picture. I myself should be working on my next book but instead I am stuck on a blog all day just to try and get my sells up which this doesn’t seem to be helping at all.

Ok, so blogging is apparently pretty popular. No one reads anymore but isn’t that all you are doing when your blogging is reading and writing. People don’t do their reading or writing homework that often because they are blogging or on face book and it’s about the same thing I think. I used to hate school and now i am a published writer who basically brings home her writing homework every day just trying to get my sells up. Isn’t that kind of  Ironic.